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  1. San Diego red zone. The worst red zone because they let everyone in. #sad
  2. At U2 = sad. In spite of the staff shirts they think they are special. They are proving otherwise this week
  3. They could put up a petition to STOP this ridiculous bull shit atU2 lauds their position as something real with shirts and talk of being "fired." They take themselves very serious. Time to step up.
  4. Again, I know you do not want to risk party guests and no one wants to lose special access, but I would THINK you would act now to prevent this shit storm from happening when the new dates come out. But that's just me? you can do better - show us you care more about the fans than your access - you guys parade around it your At U2 "Staff" shirts and acting like it is a real job... how about being half of a journalist?
  5. It has not been - it was a bull shit story they messed up - plain and simple and even if someone has maintained 10 U2 accounts year after year and paid the fee - it should not matter. They want to sell as many memberships for free money as possible.
  6. Doe anyone think U2 is NOT being paid to be the verified guinea pig? For the fans my ass When you look at the Ticketmaster verified page it is obvious U2 is getting paid for using it and promoting it
  7. I wonder if they just let all the tickets sell if the members would sell the show out and they could get on with announcing additional dates How much are lower level seats if upper level is $325?
  8. So I just now... at 2:14 EST got my EXPERIENCE code texted to me Morons
  9. Sherry - thank you for posting. It is sad that it has come to this and my guess is there will be MORE tickets on the secondary market than ever before and we will pay... because that is what we do. I challenge you Sherry - and the other folks at AT U2 to do something. I know you love your access and do not want to rock the boat - but someone needs to be covering this (this brilliant post is not up on that site) Politics be damned - please get a petition or SOMETHING going on a fan site that the band will pay attention to. Like it or not, that is At U2. If you do it the band might not show up at your next party... but what the hell is the point of the site if not to help fans reach the band?
  10. well... not entirely true... one person would have to walk the other through - I have 2 on Monday and one on Sunday and I need 2 on Sunday and one on Monday
  11. Hello folks - does anyone have a GA for Sunday night they could part with?
  12. So I have a room... I have a flight... I have a ticket for 28th... need a GA for the 29th anyone?
  13. It seems that red zone are worse - or at least further back - than the rest of the floor? and how crowded is the floor... could I move from the red zone to the circle stage with relative ease?
  14. Chadd Bryant - It would seem from what I can see that lining up is a waste of time unless you are trying to be in the front row... .correct? Is there plenty of room to move around the floor or is everyone packed in? Ans I got the red zone map today... am I crazy or do the more expensive red zone spots look worse than just strollong in at 7 like you said you did???? Would you suggest trying to grap a spot by the circle stage? see attached image for $300-something red zone
  15. so these tickets are a complete bait and switch?
  16. so it sounds like the red zone was a complete waste of money???? swell
  17. What is the procedure? I have read that San Jose or Vancouver was get a wrist band at 9 then come back at 5????
  18. I have red zone a week from today... someone fill us in! Is the red zone by the second, smaller stage?
  19. Can someone on the East coast tell me (out West) what the prices are for the floor GA versus Red Zone?
  20. So there is a different set list for each show... presumably classic U2 versus newer... is that what other people understand? How do you know which show you are buying?
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