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    "A harbour in the tempest."
    U2 has touched me too, during some of the darkest times of my life.
    I lost my grandpa in 1987 and was comforted by JT. I was really a huge MESS in 1987 for so many reasons. Just completely lost.
    Got divorced in '93 when I heard Zooropa and Bono's voice asking, "what do you want? what do you want?" and I knew I wanted a life free from the emotional and physical abuse I was getting from my (now ex) husband.

    I wish I could let them know how much their music has touched my life and helped me hold on during hard times.

  1. It's from Psalm 88 in the bible. This was one of the pages that dropped from the ceiling during IE Tour in Phoenix, Arizona. There are definitely times I feel like this. Like today... but other days I have hope. The hope always creeps back into me somehow. 

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