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  1. Something has been bugging me since I went to see the two U2 shows in Phoenix, and I can't quite put it into words yet, but I'm going to try...


    Each day, before the sound check, I waited outside the venue in hopes of getting autographs. I arrived around noon each day. I waited with a crowd of other people, and it was hot, I was thirsty, and I needed to use the bathroom, but I didn't dare give up my space. Most of the other fans around me were very nice, but some people were rather pushy and rude.


    On day one, I saw Bono and Adam, but couldn't get close enough for an autograph. I did, however, see the two of them very close. Close enough to see their eyes, their skin, their hair. I heard them speak. It was amazing to be so close to two famous people I admire so much. It was surreal.


    Day two, The Edge came out and this time I managed to get an autograph from him. When The Edge first came out to greet the fans, he was smiling, but after 15 minutes or so, he didn't seem very happy. He was polite, but it seemed forced. This made me start thinking about the fact that these four amazing people that make up U2 are, in fact, people.


    I started thinking about what their daily lives might be like. I tried to really imagine what they go through... For example, I traveled to Phoenix to see them and the time zone change really has messed me up. Two days later, I still feel "strange." Imagine changing time zones, day after day, for months! Yes, they are famous; yes, they make tons of money. You can argue that point all you want, but they are still human beings. This experience (seeing them up close) has made me think about all they've had to sacrifice to bring their fans the wonderful gift of their music. Their songs have touched my life deeply. I've actually made some major changes in my life at various times because their song lyrics really made me stop and THINK. Now I'm thinking about what they've given up to give their music to their fans. Things that the rest of us take for granted: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and even mundane things - like the freedom to go wherever we want whenever we want. If I want a pizza, I go out for pizza. They can't even do that without being mobbed. You might argue that they could pay someone to bring them pizza, or maybe they love the attention, or maybe that's the price they pay for fame, or maybe you think the huge amount of $$$ they earn is worth what they've had to give up... But I, personally, think it would suck.


    When I saw The Edge that second day, I sensed frustration and maybe even a bit of sadness from him.


    If ever I have the privilege of meeting anyone in the band again, I don't think I will shove anything in their faces for an autograph. I'll just observe and try to express my gratitude for all they've given us (and all they've given up for us).

    I hope this makes sense! (And yes, I have been told on many occasions that I think too much!)

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  2. The email that I received about the Phoenix show on 23-May states:


    Check in will be open from 5.30pm day of the show,Saturday 23rd May 2015.

    Doors to the show open at 6.00pm (time subject to change). Your (RED) Zone hosts will greet you upon arrival at the check in location and then show you where your designated (RED) Zone is located.

    In order to be entered for the opportunity to win a back stage tour you must arrive by 6.30pm – please note that this is subject to change due to production and back stage needs.

  3. I hate complainers... that said, I am still going to complain. I DO NOT have a "fat wallet" as someone else suggested. However, RED is a good cause, so I dipped into my savings in hopes of having a really decent view of the band.


    I'm very disappointed in the "RED Zone."

  4. Personally, I'd be sad if they didn't play One or Bullet... and New Year's Day was the song that started it all for me, so I'd love to hear that too.

    I don't really care for Beautiful Day, or Sweetest Thing, but I know a lot of people like those.


    Here's what I would really LOVE to hear:



  5. My concern with paperless tickets: what if, for some reason, you no longer have the credit card you used to purchase your tickets by the time the show date arrives? For example, what if your credit card is lost or stolen and you must have the bank send you a new one? 

    I bought RED Zone tix for the second Phoenix show and they are paperless. Should I lock my credit card in a vault until then?  :ph34r:

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