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  1. You couldnt spend 85 for GA and donate265 yourself
  2. I dont know where you guys get your information from, but you cant just show up on time and get on the rail for the red zone. You show up on time and you will be in the back of the red zone, which will be about 30 rows, and if you are not 7 feet tall you are better off saving your money and getting ga seats. But hay go for it and spend 350. Lets see 350 85 350 85 350 85. I think 85.
  3. Actually level 1 tickets if you remember where 250 the red zone was by auction and only fetched 180. That's why they have a fixed price this time so they don't sell for such a low price. If you can afford it go for it. But 350 really. Not to mention the red zone is packed like ga so if you don't get there 6 hrs in advance. You will be right in the back.
  4. You bought them in 2009 for the INSANE, or more respectfully stated, current market asking price of $180, but it wasn't insane then...oh, ok.
  5. you guys must all be insaneeeeeeeeeee. I like U2 to, but did you guys actually look at the ticket prices before you purchased them? $350 for RED ZONE. Is that a misprint. You could of bought a GA seat or nose bleed seat and gave the money directly to a worth while cause. I remember for the 360 tour I purchased RED ZONE for $180, yes $180 no misprint. Oh well to each their own. Enjoy What is this world coming to when you have to spend this kingd of money for 2hrs of music.
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