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  1. A block of granite...plain on all sides, strong, resiliant, immovable. You are a block of granite but you can feel everything. A sculptor appears and wants to turn you into a beautiful statue. In order to do this the sculptor will strike you with a sharp instrument and this will cause you Pain!....you are given a choice...remain a plain block of granite that everyone passes by and ignores....or a beautiful statue that people stop and stare at in awe...what do you choose?
  2. Wahine the reason you dreamed about a cliff is because it is your greatest fear. The Whale and her calf are you mum and your son and your greatest fear is losing them...U2 appeared because your friends are in U2 also....as in U2 the world wide community. The pet elevator represents going up to heaven...The ocean is your subconcious as well as being the substance that all life on Earth needs to survive. The ocean is also your blood - your mother and son are your blood which is why in your dream they appeared as these wonderful creatures that patrol our oceans... Wonderful dream thanks for sh
  3. U2 were in concert and Adam proposed via a big screen....not to me may I add but to his partner.
  4. Nice one Wahine - I will be giving free music lessons to parents and kids in my local primary school cos it is in a severely deprived area and teachers just don't have time to teach kids music anymore. They're singing hymns to a backing track at the moment. So sad that music has been completly shoved out of the curriculum because of all the tests that teachers have to spend their time doing. They are constanly being assessed and have to meet statistical targets. I couldn't be a teacher in this day and age which is why I am going to be a teaching assistant instead - all of the fun but none of
  5. 9th September 1981 about 2am - never forget - it was too low and too fast to be a shooting star. My brother and his mate saw one near Manchester in England around 1995.
  6. Another Oscar winning Hollywood great off to the great gig in the sky.
  7. Very special day this year - It is actually 01:25 over here in Merry Old England. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!!! Febotini - sounds like Martini! Shaken not stirred (James Bond) Hope you have a fabulous day xoxoxo
  8. Got mine very appropriately on 30th June 2012 :-) xxx
  9. and you share your birthday with Marilyn Monroe!!!!!
  10. Same old song love - we've had many like you in our forums before and don't think you will be the last. We are not a bunch of sheep so quit your bleating. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  11. Hmmmm I know our favourite band sounds like a lambs mother but please don't think you can pull the wool over our eyes. You must have thought that you had hit the jackpot when a U2 fan said they had no interest in your money whatsoever and they were happy to help by opening up a bank account for you - providing you sent a copy of your birth certificate. That was weeks ago - haven't heard a peep out of you since. No 1 Elly you claimed to be 23 yet told me your date of birth was April 1st (April 1st!!!!!) 1987 OOh thought I a Joshua Tree Baby only one problem. The Joshua Tree is 25 years old
  12. I fought the law written by a Cricket - as in Buddy Holly's Crickets?
  13. 31st October Larry's birthday is kinda sad for me as it was my grandmother's birthday. My mum's 4th husband - Jimbo - shares his birthday with Ali My daughters best friend Holly was born on Adam's birthday 13th March and my son's fiancee was born on the 12th. My nephew was born 9 days after Bono's birthday and one of my brothers is 6 days before The Edge.
  14. "A knighthood your majesty! really!!!"
  15. Lucky lucky people!!!! I'd take his advice xoxoxo
  16. My heart goes out to Barry Gibb on the loss of his beloved brother. Inappropriate humour sorry for any offence caused but it looks like he's the only one 'Stayin Alive' xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoo
  17. what is the link address that he needs to send it to.
  18. Are you allowed to play unsigned groups? The reason I am asking is because my vocal tutor from college was one of 20 people who auditioned for The Voice UK and was rejected so they formed a group called Full Circle and are releasing a single with all proceeds going to a charity called Me and Dee. This is a charity set up for terminally ill children and adults and the money raised helps to give them treats before they die. The single will be released on 4th June. It was played at a celeb party in London and David Guest and Kerry Katona both love it. Paul is now after any radioplay as a lo
  19. she hasn't actually asked for any money yet - she offered and I refused and said I didn't want her money. She asked for details and I have asked for hers. Will see if I get a reply now. Was thinking it was a bit suspicious that she is in a camp yet has access to a computer and the internet. If she was poor and destitute she wouldn't be interested in even going on a computer. Have a feeling that all these e-mails are coming from the same source so is there anyway any sort of authorities could trap them?
  20. Do you think U2 would mind if I played them in the background? We won't be making any money or profit. am going to be doing banner Save Our University Lecturers S.O.U.L
  21. If not why not after all every civilized society is policed. Think of all the jobs this would create..Our kids already spend hours on the computers. You could get the best hackers in the world on the job and we would never have to put up with spammers again. The cyber universe is a society- well it is now We all communicate through it, we create through it, we share our sorrows and our joys. Maybe the cyber universe is a church, after all it is not about the building it is about the people.
  22. For some reason I've ended up with iLivid - maybe it piggybacked onto your link? Have now played your last link and shared with my facebook - Hope this helps
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