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  1. But..! But..! But what if he *can* play and it's a crap guitar?!? when Bono puts a guitar on, it's a accessory... I'm like 'take it off now before you do yourself harm!' This explains the WOWY video.
  2. I'm a lefty too, all the greats are. I think it's good that he's giving his guitar away because Bono can't play for shite. My exact train of thought. But..! But..! But what if he *can* play and it's a crap guitar?!?
  3. I love puns. Sorry it went over my head. /DaftMJG3
  4. Everything was ugly but your beautiful face And it left me no illusion
  5. I was unable to catch the show last week (thanks for the linking, nonetheless, bigwave!), as having a 1-year old can be hit or miss at the computer. At least I can watch TV with him on those evenings he is difficult to get to sleep, so my wife & I watched her favorite BBC personality host my favorite band. She was cracking up laughing when Bono feigned to be talking to the spot 3' to Graham's right, talking about glaucoma. It felt good sharing that together. I can now agree with all of the above posts -- that was truly amazing.
  6. I see this is a case of... "No, no, it's spelt 'Luxury-yacht,' but it's pronounced, 'throat wobbler mangrove.'" Thanks, all! I figured it was pronounced "Topes" due to its origin in Zootopia, but can see how "Tops" is as valid (hence my question).
  7. I will Enjoy The Silence, with Depeche Mode. *rimshot*
  8. It's lovely the stories here and all U2 appearances and radio showS, photographs.... .the Jo Whiley show was amazing with the orchestra. We go from nothing to somethings real quick, awesome, awesome.Thanks U2 and everyone!!! That is true. Between the Itunes drop and the release of the physical cd, the silence was killing me, but this past week has been amazing. Seconded
  9. This is just stellar. I really enjoyed reading through this and giving it a listen the other night when I had a chance, at last. Question: Is 'Zootops' pronouced "Zoo-tops" or "Zoo-topes?" (Does it even matter?) Thanks, everyone, for sharing.
  10. I only disagree because I'm selfish and prefer albums coming out every three years, maximum. I was spoiled by the 70's and 80's. Heh. More seriously, I agree with the sharp comment. They're at another peak here, methinks. That's just incredible in an age where music is even more "disposable" than the music of the 1980's was. I even remember Bono quoted around that time (1988 or so) that there wasn't much good music out there; something like music has ground to a halt or something like that. Looking at my iPod (which has all of my 27,000+ songs on it), he was right. Then, 1991 happened and both pop and rock got shots in the arm from Manchester and Seattle, respectively.
  11. I went with EBW, too, but Iris, Cedarwood Road, Invisible, Lucifer's Hands, and Crystal Ballroom are all close behind. I remember when Electrical Storm was released as a single in 2002 with The Best of 1990-2000 and a Philadelphia-area DJ was saying how impressive U2 is with releasing another amazing song after (at that time) 20+ years. Well, here we are 12 years after that statement and it remains true. I can't wait for Songs of Experience -- and hope a lot of the "abandoned" projects from 2009 - 2014 see the light of day, for subscribers or for the public at large.
  12. I have yet to see U2 live myself, but I do have quite a few concert DVD's. My favorite to date is the POPmart DVD, especially Gone, Last Night on Earth, and HMTMKMKM. Also, the U2 360º DVD is brilliant. I really think U2 is like wine or cheese: better with age, because Every Breaking Wave and Song For Someone have both sounded amazing live of late (Graham Norton, iHeartRadio, Later with Jools Holland, etc.).
  13. Last time we met it was a low-lit room
  14. You know when you want to say something and someone else says it in a much clearer fashion than you? Thanks MJG3 I know *exactly* what you mean. On the ice hockey boards I used to frequent, I often quoted someone then used the phrase, "You said that better than I did." It looks like I've finally done the reverse for someone else!
  15. Ha! The four pictures could be the cover for the (2018?) album, "Pop 2."
  16. yes - i have a link, will be posted well before time,,, Excellent. Thank you, BW!
  17. Is there any way for us Yanks to catch Graham Norton tonight or do I have to wait until next Saturday, 10/25, at 10 PM EDT to watch the episode with U2? (I just visited BBC America's site.) I really loathe BBC America anymore. It's all Top Gear, Star Trek: TNG, and movies with 1 British actor in them. Ugh. My favorite TV shows over the years have mostly been British, like MPFC, Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf, Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances, Black Adder series, Thin Blue Line, etc. I miss the BBC America of 5-10 years ago.
  18. Ok, Songs Of Innocence has been out a month (digitally), so I ranked all U2 albums by rating %. It's a hit (w/ me anyway)! Here's how I scored my rankings: On my iPod, one can rate a song from 0 - 5 stars. I took the number of songs per album and multiplied by 5 to get the maximum possible score an album could receive. Then, I counted up the stars I gave all of the songs on each album and divided that by the maximum score in order to get the percentages. I was not surprised by the albums that ended up ranked 90% or higher. I *was* surprised by the scores that October and ATYCLB received. (I could not post the larger version of this picture here, so here is the link to it if the above is not comfortable to read: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bz66FzxCQAA9tZv.jpg:large) So, I have to revise my list, of course. It is now: 1. NLOTH 2. SOI 3. War I figure my ratings are dynamic and can change (usually on mood or upon some sudden revelation listening to or reading the lyrics, but this was a fun (and nerdy) exercise. I guess one day I can rank albums by other artists in the same way and see where my real album preferences lie -- instead of going purely by "feel." You can't account for the fact that October isn't so much a collection of individual songs...i don't know how to describe it though..... Although you're right it is fun and nerdy... Indeed. The surprise is the fact that October is what I call their first masterpiece. I was introduced to them via War and when I first heard October, I gave it the stereotypical Keanu Reeves reaction: "Whoa...!"
  19. For me, Pop was like a ride in a fighter jet. It just grabbed me and took me for a ride. By the time the flight was over and I pulled off the flight helmet, I was like a woken-up dead man. I agree it is sorely underrated. Funny thing (to me) is that Niall Stokes' book, still entitled "Into the Heart" at the time of release of Pop, said Pop released to some of U2's best critical reception or some such in it. I really thought they had it going on. I would love for them to explore that vein of music once more. There is nothing like the sequence of tracks 1-7 on that record. Just amazing. I wonder if U2 pay too much attention to too many self-important critics?
  20. This post is "three chords and the truth" without the three chords. Well said.
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