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  1. Hello 

    can anyone tell me when the The Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection: 1987 & 2017

    I got my redeem my gift in my account but not heard anything about when it will be delivered . Has anyone else got theres? 

    I still don’t see any where in my account to renew for next year?

    1. Malahide


      Other people are waiting foo for the vinyl singles, but they gradually are arriving all over the world. An exact date of delivery was never communicated.

      If you haven't consulted it yet, there is a thread called 'Dispatch Update - 2017 Subscription Gift' in the General Forum with the latest comments subscribers

      are posting on this matter.

    2. dereski


      Thank you malahide I will check that out . I did look there but I must of missed it. Have a great great day my U2 friend.

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