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  1. Who is the ticketing agent in Italy? Doesn't appear to be a Ticketmaster website.
  2. First thing I've checked when I got home from school - the U2 setlist! Hope everyone has had fun on the live thread, this time zone was always going to be difficult. Hope NZ has had some representation without me.
  3. What??? Already??? Dear me!!! Anyway, quick question...I have been meaning to ask this for ages but giving the tour is round the corner... Are live streamings done/allowed? I had the chance to enjoy some live streaming concerts in Jan/Feb this year for another band and they were extremely enjoyable. Of course it won't be like being at the actual concert but for those who can't go to any of them could be actually very valuable. Again, it is just a a tiny enquiry and out of curiosity... There were plenty of live streamed concerts for 360 just not officially sanctioned ones, I'm hoping we may even see some official ones this time. Streaming has moved on plenty since 360 finished, I wonder what will appear this time round.
  4. 42354 buckets and counting - *pant pant - wonders when gets to finish this slave job*
  5. 41940 - world aids day huh - wonder if we'll see any clips of Bono at the opera house?
  6. 41901 - looks like you guys have heaps of snow - hope you've got plenty of groceries
  7. I'm in a good mood, life is sorting itself out nicely at the moment and its only 4 days till we go to Brisbane - can't wait to catch up with two very good friends and a whole heap of zootoops. yippee
  8. 41872 - no worries on the pics/tweets. may I suggest you visit Tom Bannisters fb page (zootoop Tommy Bammy - friend on my fb page) - he has some more good pics including some you girls may like.
  9. 41869 - hey girls. only a day till Melbourne 1 - so wish I was there. 3 &1/2 hour flight but yet so far away. Live thread for me I guess.
  10. The claw at twilight at Mt Smart stadium
  11. I'm over the moon - rehearsal last night was so cool. Don't know where to begin....
  12. 11 days until U2360 Auckland 2
  13. 40693 Hey girls. hope you're all good. 10 days....
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