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  1. eeeeeee!! I got my GA ticket, and I did not throw up on my keyboard! See ya on the sidewalk at Mt Smart, my friends.. or perhaps hugging the rail up front.. good luck to all those awaiting ticket purchase - I have to say, it was indeed a smooth process. Sometimes we just have to remember to - Breathe!!!
  2. I’m pacing the floor, oscillating between joy and fear. Ilove hearing those “when I was queuing back in’89†tales. Mysleeping-on-the-sidewalk stories only started with Vertigo in Auckland, but myfandom began earlier when the Zoo came to town (although would you believe I missed out becauseI had a curfew and no way would my dear Mum budge, much less for a man in devilhorns who made prank calls?) My stomach is fluttering and I’m obsessivelychecking the email/forum/website. Trying to remind myself that uncertainty canbe a guiding light, but I’m sensing a loooong trek ahead before the
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