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  1. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: sarahaus']For anyone who selected 'post' as a delivery method, can you post when you get your tickets. I got my tickets over a week ago and considering you pay $18 as a transaction fee, I hope ticketek get thier act together and send out the tickets quickly. The single ticket I purchased for my brother using my wife's Ticketek account and Credit Card arrived yesterday, 13th Sep so 10 days from the date of public sale. She commented that she was surprised it was in just a plain white envelope and not what she would have expected for the $19.30 fee. Still waiting on the 4 tickets purchased using my account and CC. I got the tickets I purchased via the U2.com presale yesterday too, yet to receive those I got from the livenation presale. I e-mailed them before, they said could take up to early october
  2. They hype's pretty much died down. Trying to sell my 4 GA tickets now that I have redzones! Thanks for the info guys
  3. Got me redzones! So happy! Again, is RZ1 on Edge or Adam's side?
  4. [quote name='Ju_Ju_Man wrote: Jets FC']Whats the name of the song played just before U2 come onstage ? It's a yet to be released U2 song called "Soon" (was called "Kingdom") Search it on youtube Listening to that makes me feel like U2's the buddhism of music heh
  5. What about new subscribers? If more people subscribe now will they get codes that can be used in this presale?
  6. [quote name='SandSCreative wrote: duane75']Hi guys Just got through on phone to u2 website(0011+1+914-414-2921) almost fell off my chair after regularly calling engaged number since 3pm monday. Anyway they issued me a new code. Was warned that i only had a certain timelimit to purchase tickets once code entered, only one entry and one chance of tickets. Code worked and now have tickets. Bajagirl thanks for all your help Can you please take my name off the list now duane75 I'm sorry, but why the feck is there a fecking time limit????? It is like someone at LiveNation has a major God complex. "If you do not jump through all these hoops and then gratefully accept the one and only tickets that we offer you, you will FAIL!!!!" Meanwhile, when the sale opens to the general public on Friday, they will come and go on the ticketing sites as they please and pick and choose tickets as they please. I don't get it. Has someone not told the people making these decisions "Hey, we actually would like to make these guys that are joining our club happy. We'd quite like them to stay as members, please make everything as easy and pain free as possible for them." Seems like it is more like "Right! We're gunna get these bastards! Who the eff do they think they are joining our club!" ditto.
  7. [quote name='Secret_Agent wrote: Nniixx wrote: airwalk74 wrote: Nniixx wrote: loocarmen wrote: airwalk74']Yeah you are right regards GA and RZ. Just remeber for GA q-don't have one person qing for like 6 people and be kind to all others especially short people Yes! short asian girl here only 5 feet be niceee! Shoud your user name be Lowcarmen then ? I think my son who turned 11 today is 2 inches taller than you. Well I am 4 feet 11 and a half inches - always thought they should measure and weigh people for concerts(measure-then up the front for me) and air flights(weigh-then I can take extra baggage) Agree about the air flights thing especially when compared to some not so small person who should be paying for two seats. lol! "not so small" i suppose that was polite there should be a system to accomodate the little ones to be on a standing platform i.e under 5'5 should be in the first 2 row with platform Good luck to all the shorties!
  8. [quote name='SandSCreative wrote: moscow_horizon']Remember there are only around 300 spots in the Red Zone - that's only 150 fan club members if they buy two. So not many really, and it goes without saying they should ALL go to LOYAL fan club members who have been with the site before the Aust tour was announced and not just joined as Johhny-Come-Lateleys. I really can't believe the ingratitude some people have about the pre-sale system, how much better is it than the old days when you would have to spend a cold night out on the pavement to line up, and even then you weren't guaranteed a good seat. I remember Lovetown in 1989, I joined the ticket queue 12 hours before the box office opened and still only got seats about 100 rows back. Now you just do it from the comfort of work and home and the whole thing takes 5-10 minutes max. For those with GA tickets, there is the opportunity to have even a better spot than in the Red Zone by getting to the stadium nice and early and you are paying $250 less for the privilage. I don't think anyone is suggesting that loyal fans should not have first choice. Just as long as Not-Come-At-Alls don't get offered better tix than the Johhny-Come-Lateleys. If that were the case, the whinging would be perfectly justified don't you think? I don't think we (Cedar) are not being offered the RZ tickets, we are all being offered it on Friday. The presale just promises a certain allocation earlier than the general public. And because we joined later than Group 1, they got the advantage and now RZ are sold out for this allocation. We sitll have a chance on Friday. I think we still hold an advantage, last time U2 came, I sat in front of the computer for 2 hours for the public sale because the pages took ages to load and I didn't get any tickets. At least with the presale we're given a chance to tickets. I still think the system's incredibly inefiicient though.
  9. [quote name='bluehammer wrote: KiaKaha'] I'm gutted there were no Auckland RZ tickets left for Group 2. Still, glad the RZ tickets went to die hard U2 fans in Group 1 rather than just rich members of the general public. Got my GA tickets and will be lining up early to get near the front. Hopefully won't be too far away from you lucky RZ people. See you there!!! GA is better than Redzone. You've saved $500 and got a better spot. Really Bluehammer? But you'd have to og real early to get a good spot right?
  10. I'm pretty okay with the fact that the earlier group got the Red Zone tickets, they deserve it out of loyalty to the fan club, paying the fee every year even though U2.com is never really efficient. I'd be bummed though if there was none allocated for public sale. Think the general public should have an allocation of RZ too.
  11. [quote name='KiaKaha wrote: Nniixx wrote: KiaKaha'] "they've been changing the link all day" (don't we know it!). The Sydney link lost all it's prices 5 minutes before sales start time last Thursday, then they came back and went again and came back in time for the sale start. It sure kept the heart pounding. 28 minutes to go for those of you waiting. Thanks Nniixx. I started breathing again when I read your reply. And wouldn't you know it, red zone tickets are back up for Auckland. All we need now is for them to stay up for 12 more minutes! Almost had a heart attack there. haha. See you at RZ kiakaha!
  12. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: loocarmen']So it starts at 5pm Auckland? According to this http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=U2FANGPB10 yes U2 FAN CLUB Pre-sale starts : Mon 30 Aug, 5pm Pre-sale ends* : Wed 1 Sep, 2pm General public on sale : Fri 3 Sep, 9am A pre-sale is an opportunity to secure tickets prior to the General Public, not a preferential seating service. A selection of seating throughout the venue is made available for pre-sales. *Or until pre-sale allocation is sold out. On sale times are quoted in local time. TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member You must also be a My Ticketek member to buy online. Become a My Ticketek member NOW! Ticket Prices: P1 Seating: $299.90 P2 Seating: $229.90 P3 Seating: $174.90 P4 Seating: $109.90 P5 Standing: $99.90 P6 RED ZONE: $349.50 P7 Seating: $39.90 Transaction fees apply. Thank you I'm so afraid if I leave my computer to go to lunch, I'll miss out if they change the time again. GRRR.
  13. Gee, it isn't that difficult to coordinate the presale TIME between ticketek/ticketmaster and u2.com is it?! Is ANYTHING for sure?!
  14. Ticket scalpers suck They're taking away our pre-sale tickets.
  15. Hi Baja, sorry but I need to clarify this one more time, so its 4 tickets per code per City per member ALL TICKETS HAVE TO BE OF THE SAME TYPE (eg 4 x P1) AND NO DOING SEPARATE TRANSACTIONS FOR 4 DIFFERENT KINDS OF TICKETS? (eg 2 x RZ and 2 x GA) Thanks so much Baja.
  16. Hi Baja, sorry but I need to clarify this one more time, so its 4 tickets per code per City per member ALL TICKETS HAVE TO BE OF THE SAME TYPE (eg 4 x P1) AND NO DOING SEPARATE TRANSACTIONS FOR 4 DIFFERENT KINDS OF TICKETS? (eg 2 x RZ and 2 x GA) Thanks so much Baja.
  17. Any idea if Red Zone in Auckland is sold out? I'm in Cedar, just waiting for Monday, so stressed and worried they'll be all gone! Just need 2 RZ! So happy for all of those who got theirs today though Nope, not at this time, no clue. Be aware you can only purchase 2 RZ tickets at a time - Baja
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