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  1. This whole thing has been a complete scam and a disappointment. I unfortunately have not had the time to sit and phone USA all day and night, and have not had any luck with getting a new presales code. I agree with you_two. Why is no map given showing the seat locations before one has to choose a category and tickets? Surely the people involved in this whole thing have done this before; I mean it is one of the biggest bloody bands in the world for $#@%sake. Why do they hire imbeciles to arrange their ticket sales? Justin Bieber's crew could probably do a better job, and they are %#&*ing 10 years old. If something had indeed been done to apologise and try and rectify the problem, more than just having poor old Baja dealing with ranting fans on a forum, then perhaps it would calm things down, but Ticketek does not have a clue, everyone is blaming someone else, and someone is sitting with our $50 having a quiet chuckle. It is because of this lack of any proper assistance that I too do want my money back. Please advise how a refund can get processed, and then I will give you a special secret access code so you can pay the money into my account, and if that code does not work within the allotted 20 seconds, please spend 10 hours trying to call me on the 15 different "busy" international phone numbers I give you while I actually just switch my phone off and chill out on the beach.
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