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  1. I bought RZ tickets for Auckland. Don't remember it giving me a choice, it just stated RZ2 whcih i think is on the east side of the stadium. I don't care which side i love both Edge and Adam, also they will move about during the show. Can't wait ....... bring it on. Woop woop! and i am not Wren, i am mazmay.
  2. Yeah I bought membership before the FAQ went up but not before Sunday and I must say if the Cedar presale doesn't come through for me I'll be pretty down on the subscription idea. I really wish that there was some staggering so that I wouldn't basically be in "general public 2" when I bought in good faith not knowing the terms and conditions. Seems like the FAQ and beginning of presale would have been logical stagger points with others running back in time for long term members (which is what I think they did for other countries). That being said, the way that today's sale seems to have gone I am pretty hopeful that Monday's will go well too.
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