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  1. Hi....I'd definitely be interested in these tickets.....already have my own, but huge demand from family......Des
  2. Know its a long shot, but gotta try ....will throw in a few pints to the lucky provider.....
  3. Just got a GA for Dublin3 on Ticketmaster. ......yesssssssssssssss
  4. Due to last minute change of mind, I've been left with 2 seats together in block K tonight. Face value (obviously!). Reply here - not PM.
  5. I have 2 spare seats together in block K available for immediate collection in city centre. Total cost €200 (face value). Reply here, not a PM.
  6. Wow, just got a GA ticket for Dublin2 on Ticketmaster....unbelieveable.....heard many times that you should keep checking for late releases of tickets, and never beliwved it....NOW I do ...will be show 9 of the tour.....
  7. Hi. I'll very hapilly take this please. Long time fan and desperate....Help !
  8. Hi Andi. Like you, seated tonight and GA for tomorrow. Leaving Dublin in next hour, so will head for Mc Hughs when I get to Belfast . Des
  9. I have 2 x Dublin2 seats and will happily do straight swop for 1 x Dublin3 GA........good deal.....
  10. Hi. I have a brilliant seat for Belfast1 (West Mid Tier, row P, seat1) above the e stage, with clear view of the screen and i stage. I'd much prefer to stand. Anyone out there willing to do straight swop / exchange ....
  11. No chance. 3 arena is booked solid after last show......
  12. As you already have tickets for Dublin shows, maybe leave whats left for people who have yet to get one ?? Sorts your problem out .......
  13. Agree 100% with your sentiments, and in a similar situation....used my pre-sales code before Dublin / Belfast announced to ensure that I got to see a gig. Actually helped another fan club member from Germany to see one of the Turin shows. Also, spent a small fortune to go to NY to see the final show there. Already hearing from friends here in Dublin who have nothing good to say about Bono / U2 and have tickets for Dublin shows....pissed off !!!!
  14. Long time fan from Dublin desperately seeking a GA ticket for any of the Dublin shows. Used my pre-sales for Turin before Dublin shows were announced so as not to miss the tour. Gave one of the Turin tickets to a ticketless fan club member. Can anyone help ME out this time ?? Pleeeeze !! Happy to help any overseas fan coming to Dublin with airport transfers & local information during their stay....
  15. Hi. price is €78, which is face value plus purchase charges. Both of the tickets are on the one e -mail I got when I purchased them. These tickets will only be available on the day of the gig, so suggest we meet up in Turin next week. I am arriving in Turin on Thursday, so happy to meet on Thursday night (if you're in Turin then) or on the Friday morning to arrange things. If you can absolutely commit to purchasing the ticket, I guarantee that I will have it for you . I tried to include my e mail address in my last message but it was not allowed, saying PMs only....what is PM ?
  16. Hi. Accomodation idea did not work out, so am now willing to sell the spare ticket. Are you still interested ? If so, can you get back to me asap either here, or at [MOD EDIT: please no Emails. Use PMs. Thanks]
  17. Hi Maybe....if no go on accomodation idea. You're probably aware that these GA tickets are only available on the night. I'll give it a few more days, and if accomodation is a no go, I'll get back t you. Ok ? Cheers
  18. I'm coming from Dublin for this show, and have a spare GA ticket. Will exchange for a few nights accomodation.
  19. u2dub

    Looking for 1 GA

    Hi Jenny. I have a spare for Turin 1, but looking for accommodation in Turin in ex change. Coming from Dublin.
  20. Hi.I have a spare GA ticket for first night. Will exchange for few nights accommodation. Interested ??
  21. I have a spare GA ticket for Turin 1. Will exchange for few nights accomodaion in city. Coming from Dublin for the gig.
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