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    How did you make it? Is this a stiker or pain? Im looking for ideas for my u2 room!
  2. u2ocean


    That was good! I like it!
  3. Mexico city magical night!!!!!
  4. I`m inside of the time machine
  5. Representando Costa Rica orgulloso por U2. Un saludo a todos los fans que conocî en Mexico. Viva Mexico!!!!!!!! foto tomada para la galerîa de u2.com el 10 de mayo
  6. the day that bono and edge signed my picture (taken in Zurich, 2005).... and bono talked to me, got it on video!!! Mexico City, 14/05/2011
  7. Now I know, Bono smell like new leather. this picture from 2001 montreal
  8. Here I`m in from of Bono 2001 in Montéal Cànada
  9. I did get my set list from Adam Clayton in zurich 2005 Vertigo tour.
  10. It was in montreal canada in 2001. was a magical moment.
  11. It was in stadio du france 09/07/2005.
  12. In another concert ,in another place, in another time. beause we love the band forever. Mexico will be next. just 3 weeks from today.
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