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  1. The organizing of the GA queue often seems to be an organic process, Randy. Unless you're hanging out with GA vets like Joe Ahorro who is typically involved with the queue process, we show up at the gate early and see who's there. Myself and my group will be showing up at Heinz Field sometime later Tuesday afternoon and will head to Gate 6 and see who is there. Maybe we'll see you there! If we need to pitch in and help organize the queue, we will gladly do it.  And despite the info from Heinz Field saying we can't start queuing at Gate 6 until noon on Wednesday, my hope is that they let us line up at 6 am just like we did in 2011. 

  2. Heinz Field was definitely GA friendly back in 2011 for 360. Gate C was where the queue started and that entrance took you right out onto the field. I just read a comment from folks in Houston trying to navigate NRG Stadium that indicated the grounds are locked up at night. No such thing in Pittsburgh if I remember correctly. Hopefully we will be able to repeat the same experience for Joshua Tree.

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