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  1. I've been a subscriber since the Propaganda days. My husband and family and I probably have spent$1,000 or more in membership fees over the year.s. Yet we are "Correction" shut out of the eXperience group. Hugely disappointing.
  2. Friend has an extra single seat. Total was around $140 Euros with face value and fees. PM if interested and I will put you in touch with my friend. Ticket to be picked up Thursday in Dublin.
  3. Hi, Friday November 27 is the best date here for me -- hoping for a miracle.
  4. Sending out waves of love to whoever can help me find a ticket to 11/27 show -- Red Zone or anywhere!
  5. A bump here. Waves of love going out to all here, including those who can steer me to a ticket to Friday November 27
  6. Coming from Nashville TN -- currently ticketless. Any help appreciated.
  7. Just a bump here. Any suggestions, advice or otherwise appreciated.
  8. If you haven't sold these, I'm here.
  9. Any help at all getting a ticket to one of these shows would be preferred. I have lots of cool merchandise that I will give in addition to the money for the ticket, including mint condition PopMart Rubik's cube and Madison Square Garden event posters and Live From Dublin - Go Home Fan Club CD. Any help appreciated. GA preferred but I know that's asking a lot and will be happy with anything.
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