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  1. Just wanted to post - having experienced the chicago chaos the first go around, indy actually worked, totally painless (wires presale) and got GA easily and within 5 minutes thanks for fixing the issues / glitch!
  2. this would never make california's strict cut off ; P
  3. Stoked for Indy peeps! Two shows around the USA and now a show in town. Who's been prior? Who's going now? Who's GA, starting this early! Bit excited. Roof open or shut (lets hope open).
  4. Mate, You seem to have missed the bit where they weren't sending renewal emails and numerous people have stated such. I won't even go into your pompous, entitled, judgmental response. But you did miss the point, mentioned frequently, where this wasn't an issue in prior presales, But oh yea, you weren't buying tickets during those. Again, no worries here. I got my tickets, as I'm sure others also figured out a way. The true point is to restore what should be a seniority based membership platform, as was the case apparently until 25 December of 2016. The Vertigo tour was your first gig? So there it is, you were one of the "so-called U2 fans" that Larry Mullen Jr. mentioned at the time. Enough said. Let's hope Larry steps up again in 2017.
  5. Wow... So U2.com / TM f**k a lot of us over twice? First on long standing membership and then on when GAs are available. Make sense...but glad you got GA's!!
  6. fyi -- Chicago (200 level) seats along with Cleveland GA - both CC entry only.
  7. I'm just finishing up on this. I am pleased (yet also fuming) that so many others feel the same way and got shafted like I did, a 25+ "lifelong" member. I have to go to Cleveland but I got my GA. I knew Chicago would Suck, but I did get 'decent' seats. So thanks but no thanks to U2.com customer "service". Guess In the end I saved 50$ on the whole thing for that 6 month membership lapse (of which I never got a renewal email, I checked my gmail). So hey U2.com who wins in the end Peace out.
  8. OK Guys, I wanted to update my "experience" on this day. CHICAGO - first, the presale was open early. This was definitely a glitch as I logged into the Chicago site at 8:30 EST and was able to access Wire presale. However, NO GA were given, only section 134. I decided to wait until 10PM and tor GA. 10AM Happened and NO GA immediately into presale. This could have been because I had to click on storefronts for 90 SECONDS to BATTLE the BOTS. BS. Ended up with 224 / South Grandstand tickets, which I'm fine with, whatever. I've been on the floor of Soldier Field before and it's insane to get near the front. 1020AM - So I happened to try my second 2 tickets in Cleveland. This was a glorious experience. Went to the site, entered code, Selected GA and got 2 tickets immediately (Still had to click storefronts for 90 SECONDS to BtB's. Any Chicago people who can't get GA, there may still be Cleveland available. So I suppose Cleveland does rock. So I suppose Cleveland does rock.
  9. Indeed and agree. All I've read shows that's this seems to be a "brilliant" idea for concert requirements and livenation. Some of you may remember the Days of "evil Ticketmaster" and this smells the same. U2 / apple / livenation / some new platform and that is being tied to SOI it all mends together to mean more revenue for livenation in the days of artists not making as much. U2 is a cash cow. POP isn't an Interest generator to the "casual" fan and added In with zooropa most would be like WTH. A smallish venue gig to celebrate those two albums would only satisfy a very small group of hardcore fans, myself included. So alas, we are stuck dreaming of the impossible, but hey at least we are dreaming out loud.
  10. What was the number you called? It seems like nobody is having any luck. But the (2nd) number was 1-855-867-5297 - Option 1.
  11. What does 2012 have to do here? -- This was the deal with livenation for 12 years of touring / albums. The same for SOI in 2014 - everyone with active subscription prior to the album launch was in first pre-sale group, everyone who joined after the announcement was in the 2nd group Pretty sure i did the exact same thing i did here, and i was 1st group. It's simple - don't let the subscription lapse. And if you did - either get lucky and subscribe again before their cut-off date, or join the pre-sale a day later. It's not simple, mate. they can't call a group "long standing members" if you've only been a member for 3 months. It's like the NCAA tournament. It's the entire body of work. And what's actually simpler is if they don't tour (in your area) for 3 years, and one pays 50$ per year, and then a 70$ GA ticket, they may as well not pay any of it, and, wait till u2.com freesale and just buy redzone for 300$. net net we are almost equal and i could actually invest the other 200$ and make 8-10% YOY. But now we are getting into not so simple stuff. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm not super worried about it. The point was it's NOT the same. BTW did you know you had to send a SASE for Propaganda?
  12. blur991


    Us 35$-$280 it's at top of TM site
  13. All. I had a 20 min convo with that proper u2 support line (the number above was for the store not u2.com member issues). My take (and this is one mans opinion only), The short of it is unlike other tours the "system" really doesn't give a toss if you were a member in 2012 or 1985. The key is did you pay for 3 years membership since the last tour. Full disclosure I did not. Before anyone goes off on that, I did pay continuous from 2004-2010, and 2012, 15, and 16. So those long few years U2 were on tour) of which i used up my presale code on opening night for the first soldier field show x 4 tickets), I didn't pay for the next 18 months. That equals "new member because I renewed last night. Now I get they don't want "new" people getting memberships day before tickets go on sale but this rep wasn't even allowed to change my presale status and she tried so, understanding that I've probably paid 600$ plus in membership over the years, and that's only since u2.com came online and not counting the checks my parents mail of my allowance for propaganda in school. I remember when this site was basically text only. So to be a "seriously long term member" yet now be a "new subscriber" is bloody laughable. It sounds like others have been denied the 1st group for similar "lapses". I'm sure the band would not agree with this methodology. It's either management or someone at livenation (2012 was that deal! Coincidence!?) that came up with this. Anyhow, venting done. Let's hope wire works. I was "promised" that there would be a GA in the wire group. (Oh and why not POP props ON this tour? 20 years!)
  14. Anyone else experienced this? I am a long term member of U2.Com (7 year member, have bought successfully in 1st group for the last 3 tours) BUT my 2015 membership had lapsed. Signed up for 2017 membership BEFORE announcement, was a member last year as I got the - yet am not being shown as a "wires" / new subscriber. Have emailed customer service - no response yet as they are probably slammed. Any info would be great!!
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