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  1. I dont understand why is the diference here in agentina.....i bought 1 ticket for the 10/10 and today i cant use the code to buy for the 11/10 in the presale. I am an old fan i went to all the shows u2 played here in bs as and another ones abroad and really i am sad ......and i think it is no rigth.
  2. No golden circle in buenos aires? Somebody knows? Every time in shows here in buenos aires there was a golden circle....this time is the exeption? I ve just taken my ticket....gracias!!!!
  3. No golden circle for buenos aires? As usual in shows here in buenos aires? Somebody knows? Muchas gracias!!!
  4. Im asking if it is legal....if its is legal to lend de code....
  5. Diferent people with diferent credits cards can buy tickets with the same pre sale code? For buenos aires....
  6. - I renew my U2.com subscription, will I receive a ticket access code for presale tickets in buenos aires? When? How? Thanks!!! Gracias!
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