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  1. February 27th 2009...Happy 9th bday to NLOTH....My favorites Magnificent and Moment of Surrender!


    1. pain_18_


      Happy Birthday to  the last Great and Experimental U2 album !!!! NO LINE ON THE HORIZON !

    2. electricco


      N L O H is my Fav' Album of the 20000 'sssssssss .

      MOMENT OF SURRENDER ...... Unknown Caller ..... Breathe !!!  Crazy ...........

      U2 Live in youtube L A

      Linear ......


      ............. PERFECTION ...... AND what a tour (ssss)  !

      2009 X 2 PARIS 2010 PARIS BRUSSELSX2 ......


    3. pain_18_


      Yyeeeheees !!!! @electricco !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. February 24th 1992....Happy 26th bday to this jewel from masterpiece Achtung Baby!!!!!
  3. pasta with pesto sauce and bacon and onions!
  4. nice one!!! this is mine!
  5. changed plans...no Dublin for me this tour,but happy to see them in Amsterdam and Berlin!!! :)


    1. BigBunny


      hey, that's 2 more shows than me. enjoy! :)

    2. u2hl


      thank you....U2! ;)

  6. Good luck on scoring those tickets everyone!!!!

  7. i did not receive another presale code ,but my old one is still visible on my acount,can i use this one again?
  8. in fact,i'm listening to Achtung Baby right now!!!!
  9. excellent taste my friend!!! yes,i think (and hope) there will be an AB 30th anniversary tour,just like there was for JT!!!keep our fingers crossed!
  10. Acrobat!!! my all time favorite U2 song!!!Brilliant from their masterpiece Achtung Baby!(also my favorite) really hope they will play it someday....but don't think it will happen on SOE tour.... hope there will be an Achtung Baby tour next time,that would be awesome!!!!!
  11. and my list will be : Red Flag Day The Blackout Book of your heart summer of love the little things that give you away
  12. i respect your choice,but i feel more emotional when i listen to SOE!
  13. i love Bono's voice on SOE more,because it has improved....now he has a deep,intense voice ....especially in Book of your heart it's remarkable!!! i also love the album more than SOI,not only because of Bono's voice...the lyrics are so much better,it comes straight from his heart,you can feel that throughout the whole album!cannot wait to see them in concert in Amsterdam and Dublin!!!!!!!!
  14. yesssss,got my tickets to Amsterdam...really happy now!!!:u2-1383:

  15. got my tickets to Amsterdam....really happy now!!!!
  16. yess,very sad they will not come to my country this time,but i think i will be headed to Dublin or Holland and Paris....
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