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  1. June 2017: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Joshua Tree album. Good friends, Sonia, Indra and Sara, adventured into the 107 degree heat of the Mojave Desert at Joshua Tree National Park to create this female version of The Joshua Tree album cover. This album initiated my lifelong love of U2...and I absolutely cannot wait for the concert in Cleveland this Saturday! (Sorry we couldn't represent you here, Adam!) Sonia
  2. lady_bonsai

    Joshua Tree Album Cover

    The music of the Joshua Tree Album initiated my life-long admiration for U2, which began at the age of 10. When the 30th anniversary tour announced a Cleveland show on July 1st - I was quick to snatch up the best tickets I could get on the second day of the pre-sale. Coincidentally, I found myself exploring Joshua Tree National Park in celebration of a close friend's birthday in June, and the three of us (Sonia, Indra, and Sara) set out to find the perfect setting in the 107 degree Mojave Desert climate to create our personal Joshua Tree Album cover (we realize this was not the original loca
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