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  1. I really hope that U2 are seeing the comments that are being posted on social media re the Presale for their upcoming #u2eitour. Please repost your comments on their official site U2.com. They need to know what we have eXPERIENCED.  We have supported them for many years. The energy at their concerts is created by the people who truly love U2 and have been following them and going to their concerts over time.  Bono always thanks us for the life we have given them, well Bono now is the time to take action and try help fix this for all your dedicated fans.  For most fans, it has always been about the music and concert experience.  Some of us have been there since the beginning and some of us have joined along the way. This ticket fiasco for #U2eitour needs to be made public. Bono, you always preach about people have the power, people need to have a voice especially when it comes to global and political issues. I see this ticket fiasco as a global, political and neoliberalism issue that needs to be addressed.  What does this look like for the people who benefit from the ONE campaign when we can't even get it right i.e. to support the people/fans who have been there since the beginning, at the grassroots level, and it must be noted that most of us are lucky to have "white privilege".  I would ask that U2.com take a survey of their subscribers to find out what everyone's experience has been in trying to get tickets for this tour.  Then analyze the data and move forward from there.  We all learn from our mistakes. What happens next with that knowledge going forward can have either a positive or negative impact.

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