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  1. thanks for sharing your pix - amazing
  2. U2 concerts are not just music. There is also a visual ( video ) presentation that has been matched to specific songs in a specific order. This also makes it difficult to randomly mix up the setlist. Personally, I'll see them no matter what the setlist - all hits, all obscure, the exact setlist as the last time I saw them, even an all covers set.
  3. it is... the band never said it was a certainty... all that was said is that it was a possibility, that it was something they were considering... unfortunately, the old game of chinese whispers/broken telephone prevailed in the community, which in turn made a lot of people to decide to get multiple tickets... in the end, just because a rumor... “We are going to try to have a completely different feeling from night one to night two” said Bono, a little more than a rumor
  4. Great photos - what camera were you using?
  5. Make it happen. And you never know - these tours tend to add more legs and dates to the tour
  6. I think "Even Better than the Real Thing"
  7. Thanks for sharing your photos
  8. I'm not sure I understand it - but I like it
  9. Yes -- as I was leaving I congratulated him and we hugged--he'll be high for days ( weeks? ) after this
  10. Cris - you are the most supportive person I know - thank you
  11. badlands65


    Thanks for sharing your photos
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