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  1. Just checking back on the subscription part of this - I understand the other bits and have them done but my subscription has an expiry of September 10 2018 - I haven't had or used a presale code from that sub (it's only 7 weeks old) do I absolutely need to get a new sub for presale access? (Only intend using it for European leg) Side note, fair play to the mods for the trojan work on answering everything in this thread.
  2. So, just to make sure I have this right... Current sub is due to run out in August next year, but if I want access to next tour presale I have to renew again even though there is no news on how the European side of things is going to work? Do I also need to pre order the album or is that a different presale experience for all of this craic?
  3. Hey Bigwave, How do I know which presale I qualify for? I know this was probably answered back when the original tour dates where announced but I can't remember at all. Thanks for any info / help
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