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  1. A silent retreat. That really tests your mind. No writing either. I look forward to that. ?
  2. 44 099 I'm escaping the heat & feeling lazy. My working schedule is odd but allows for more training.
  3. Just pointing out spelling error. Pray is what I guess you mean. (Not like Tainted Love)
  4. I like white flag as a symbol of unity beyond our politics as testament to our humanity. That turning thoughts into feelings is an interesting angle of approach. One must have a certain degree of openness in this approach to cognitive dissonance.
  5. Maybe US America can just join the EU. ☺
  6. Oh yeah, the toxic climate as these underlying issues surface and are being challenged. The way people have been treated, especially refugees shows that cruel side of people & really question how the politics get their power. The outpouring of compassion surely can out-equal that, and U2 definitely channels that energy. I'm a practical idealist, and I see U2 as realists, as they are so involved in the big picture. The videos are like a subconscious stream. It's interesting to see what collective images people attach to. In meditation you clear all that stuff out as impressions as you cultivate compassion. The blank slate. See, there I go again with my idealism.
  7. Ok, I'm going to be honest. It's a great mix. Nice transition and the setup emphasizes the lyrics. I think the intro is a bit too long, & increase the tempo. The intro is the hook, and the tempo keeps you moving...
  8. There's a great article Bono wrote. There's a link posted in the Berlin Live Thread. He's always up to something! He says the idea of the EU needs to become a feeling. I see he is very involved in this process. I appreciate this. I'm at the ground level of this, just living my day to day.
  9. In the big picture, in the 80's what was cool was the "white flag" as part of the mythos of representing "surrender". That authenticity. I'm not a big fan of national flags other than sporting events. Not a fan of brexit, but the whole EU economy is not in my realm, & I'm skeptical of centralized governments. I understand the breakdown of participatory democracy, and the rise of fascism is a danger in our current political climate of our industrialized world. There is a certain responsibility to not be complacent. It's always a challenge to be inclusive in governing, and to be an individual participating in the democratic process without feeling overwhelmed. Mass Media often leaves me feeling confused .
  10. This is certainly a life changing music for me. I can't really explain why. I'm kind of having the SOI experience with looking back on my life, kind of a present future trajectory with SOE. In general ...like maybe an emotional rollercoaster can be fun..
  11. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit annoyed & defensive as I realize I may have been misinterpreted by someone. But really, I have to let it go. It's not really my problem about what someone else might think. I just hope I haven't been misrepresented. As my life becomes bigger, I'm challenged more to stand my ground. I'm good n' busy
  12. Depeche Mode & The Police, for most of the summer. Kind of an 80's mix. CSN&Y is a good fallback for me too. There's a bunch of newer stuff on Pandora I like. New to me, maybe not so new.
  13. ? ? ⛅ ⛅ ⛅ ⛅ ⛅ ? ? ? ⛅ ? ? ??????????? Get Well Soon
  14. We'll see. ? Cool. Thanks for the update. I may take a trip & have a spa day, just like OZ. ☺
  15. Blessed are the Rock Stars?, for they shall have poetic justice.?
  16. What! Are you copying me? Ok, well, I'm copying Sting?
  17. Sitting in my rocker listening to my 432 Hz ? music.☺ I admit as I get older it seems sometimes easier to just let the cobwebs set in. Life is an art in itself I suppose. ?
  18. It may be a constellation. O' Ryan ? maybe., & Venus. I don't really know my constellations yet. It is something I aspire to.? France, Spain, Portugal, Morraco, & the middle of the Ocean.?????
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