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  1. Morning U2 Heads! I feel for the band this morning based on what happened last night in Trafalgar Sq. As you would expect I am a seasoned Fan and been to so many U2 Gigs - we all know the special feeling in the crowd and the energy that is created between the band and the fan. Its great that MTV have eventually recognised the band but this being aired worldwide tonight will not demonstrate the pure essence of what a U2 Gig is all about. I was with a friend who hadn't seen them live since POP 20 years ago, and I was dissapointed for him and any other U2 fans that attended. When the band march on stage to the opening chords of Sunday Bloody Sunday we all know what (normally) happens next!! Well that didn't happen - nothing happened that you would expect from a U2 cried the whole way through. i get that having a free ballot allows a cross section of people to attend this spectacle and I know it was originally a David Guetta Gig and the event was shared with him. But the crowd was totally dead (apart from a handful of die yards right at the front) - it was a collection of curiosity hunters and passive observers. If MTV wanted to really showcase what U2 are all about tonight they would be better suited showing footage from the recent tour. i feel sorry for the band on the back of that. It just re-enforces for me though the special bond between band and fan and how lucky we are all to have that at the proper U2 Gigs we live and enjoy. Bring on the Songs of Experience European Tour 2018! Walk on! Billyboy
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