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  1. Hello Folks, Here is my cover of "With or Without You" I also star in the video as well It's never been produced like this before.... http://youtu.be/z3iLn9aGGhE
  2. This is something different a mix from a organic to a robotic level. I did a version few years back, but thought to do version 2.. I used my vocals and converted to robot thanks to my Engineer Rob Federici to make it happen... Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/oddme-1/with-or-without-you-robot-pop
  3. I play at local Open Mics........... It's very original, Fun, and serious at the same time................ www.youtube.com/djoddme
  4. It made you laughed that's all it matters, It was in the direction to humor people...... I mean they are probably a million remakes of the song thought to take it in a "different" level....... Thanks for a listen...................but again my Originals are funny and serious......... www.soundcloud.com/oddme Manish
  5. Hello, U2 Fans I've been a U2 Fan since 1983 still my Fav tunes are Where the Streets have no Name and With or Without You I'm a fellow original artist that produce all types of music, but play Acoustic live. Last Year I attempted to remake "With or Without You" with my Engineers help. I did the vocals and my Engineer used Auto Tune to be a little creative well it's a mix of Robot meets Indian meets down tempo..............If anyone wants the mix it's free http://soundcloud.com/oddme/oddme-with-or-without-you-u2 enjoy!! Manish PS: my original music www.soundcloud.com/oddme
  6. oddme


    I've been a U2 Fan since I was a kid Here is my original Song, I played live with my Acoustic call "Oh She" http://soundcloud.com/oddme/oh-she-acoustic free to download
  7. Hello, Folks.. I loved U2 music as a kid.... but, I like to share with you my Acoustic Version I wrote call "OH SHE" their isn't any effects just simply my guitar and my voice......it's a live session ..................enjoy and free to download http://soundcloud.com/oddme/oh-she-acoustic
  8. I'm sorry to hear what your life has been... their is always a shinning light out of a tunnel.. We all go through pitfalls in life.. I had a major one last year having a divorce and my daughter is with her mom in India and I'm in the US. It was very heartbreaking for me.. I miss her a lot.. I've used music as my medicine to get me back on routine on a positive life.. You don't need people to make you happy... I go to clubs by myself and dance the night away.. Music has been my hobby for many years, doing this mix was honor of a Super Group of all time.. You want to laugh.. well go to m
  9. Greetings, Ladies and Gents I must say nothing can beat the original version.... it is my all time favorite Everyone who covers this song in a normal way, I wanted to experiment to be different. Covers isn't my thing.. and this is my first Robotic mix........ but I respect and appreciate everyones opinions (: yet if you wish to hear my original tunes... www.soundcloud.com/oddme Manish
  10. It's my personal favorite song of all time from the band... I don't do covers, but I thought being a music producer... it would be best and create a new element for this hit. It has it's one of a kind flavors to it............. Take a listen to this mix and might bring out something.......new (: http://soundcloud.com/odd...1-with-or-without-you-u2
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