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    really? I can only pick 1?
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    Bad, All I want is you,
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    Long Beach 12/16/1994
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    May 2017
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    always the last one I went to
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    Cold Play

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  1. Hello Peter, I am interested in the tickets. What do I do next?
  2. I'm going to San Diego Concert on 9/22 on the train from Los Angeles. Thinking of leaving on the 11:20pm or 12:30pm Amtrak from Union Station LA.(arriving at 2pm or 3 respectively). Anyone out there doing the same thing or carpooling from Los Angeles on Friday? I'm looking to find some True fans, heading to San Diego on Friday, who want to come back to LA right after the show. The morning train doesn't leave San Diego till about 7am Saturday. I don't want to wait that long in the dark at a lonely train station. So I was hoping to share the ride back Saturday--even halfway to Orange County— then using Uber the rest of the way. I'm a rock girl; U2 is like church for me. I have been to every tour since October. Hoping to meet like minded fans, who know all the lyrics to sing along with me from the seats. Also, I haven't bought a GA ticket yet. Plan to on Ticketmaster tomorrow, unless someone has an extra ticket.
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