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  1. Well if you do get 4 CD's, Christmas is coming! Give them as gifts. Or you could donate one to a library or something, especially if its still in the shrink wrap.
  2. Update: I got the E-Mail. It comes from Ticketmaster. And its per ticket (if you purchased 2 tickets, you can get 2 albums), so I'm getting 2 CDs. I could give one as a gift. And yes, they do this because it counts as a sale for Billboard for each album redeemed. Lots of artists do it now. Since people are less likely to buy music nowadays, its a good way to get people new music and get strong sales for at least the first week of the charts. Normally Billboard doesn't count free albums, but this isn't technically free since you're paying way more for tickets than is the cost of an album,
  3. Hey, just wondering - it said anyone who buys tickets gets either a CD of Songs of Experience. I didn't see an option on checkout when I got tickets, so I'm assuming we'll get an e-mail or something telling us how to redeem it? Just want to make sure. Thanks!
  4. They probably won't comment, as they've said they are not 100% sure when it will be released.
  5. The oddest thing though is Edge saying they had 6 or 7 songs that were done that they were excited about. If the album isn't coming out until 2015, doesn't that mean those have been probably scrapped? I mean, it wouldn't take over a year to get a few more songs added onto those 7, so we can assume if this article is true they may be canning most of these songs.
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