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  1. This is a much bigger issue than U2 and their management. Until government outlaws online reselling above face value, this will continue. Individual artists can do some things like CC entry but that creates other problems for genuine fans.
  2. You'd be better swimming!
  3. Depends how similar screen set up is to 2015. I was block D then and couldn't see screen but great view of walking platforms and second stage (only cost me 38 euros so couldn't complain. If it's the same, you may have semi view of screen from block E
  4. I suspect part of the reason for holding Dublin back is that there would simply be too big a demand from all over Europe to scramble to Dublin. This way, most subscribers target one of the other shows, thereby easing the pressure on the Dublin demand and making it easier for home fans to get tickets!
  5. 23rd in London, would seem strange to wait two weeks for Dublin but, hey, could happen.
  6. I think 27th and 28th more likely for Dublin, these are the only dates free in 3Arena around that time
  7. The Dublin announcement is probably delayed because the 3Arena (likely venue) schedule is fairly tight towards the end of October. Saturday 27th seems a possibility. They also probably want to schedule Belfast before Dublin and the only realistic date is Thurs 25th.
  8. Would be good if they could even clarify whether 'shortly' means later today, later this week or next week!
  9. Every time a new tour is announced, hope springs eternal that the ticketing process improves (particularly for subscribers) but every time the process is full of holes. I wasn't involved in the US leg this time but really hope they iron out the gremlins before announcing the European leg. I also hope they become more transparent about the very ambiguous statement about the opportunity for verified subscribers to receive a presale code. Anyone longing for the days of spending two hours pressing redial or lining up at a TM store?
  10. Almost messed up in the Redhill sale. Had 3 seats queued up almost immediately but gave them up to try for better ones - the lesson is don't ever do that as I was blocked out! TM is not very user friendly or flexible at peak times. Thankfully, I got back in and settled for worse seats in the same section! However, with so many tales of woe, I'm glad to be in. Just hoping for similar weather to 2011!!
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