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  1. The Simple Answers: 1. Money - they want too much of it. The lack of shows this time around has created a higher demand for less tickets...less tickets equals higher ticket price. I just took my 4 member family to see the Joshua Tree in Toronto for over $500 total and now less than a year later, they are on tour again and the prices are outrageous. 2. The 2 seat max is a problem for families with kids who are also U2 fans. 3. Asking us to pony up an additional $50 for the fan club just to get into a lottery for a pre-sale code was wrong. Just plain wrong. This band used to care
  2. I decided the Joshua Tree was the last concert. In this pre-sale, I didn't get the code so I didn't have an opportunity to even purchase tickets. My money is going to the Foo Fighters this year. Two tickets for $165.00 US.
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