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  1. *You know, some places are like your auntie
    But there's no place like *MIAMI*
    My mammy
    My mammy. *

    A very special shou-out to my good friend @Laura Harper, @Laura Gonzalez who will attend her first U2 concert ever tonight in MIAMI !!!! Have a crazy night, U2 sister !!!!!!

  2. got my North Side Story, softback stands no chance in my hands lol - love the poster:D

  3. i like 'Invisible' especially the ' There is no them, it's only us.

  4. Just listened to "This Is" thoughts?

    1. paoladegliesposti


      i like the song, i like the arrangiament, i like the performance.

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  5. Had a lovely day at the National Memorial Arboretum - everyone should go

  6. Time is a train, makes the future, the past, Leaves you standing in the station, Your face pressed up against the glass

    1. paoladegliesposti


      hope to take it away from it, soon, though.:)

  7. If U2's new CD comes out in December, I know what to get Davcal for Kwanzaa!

    1. paoladegliesposti


      i like the thought, a new album in December, have you got an idea about that?

  8. ' we still have the sun by our side'. Good M o r n i n g

    1. paoladegliesposti


      yes.aren't you agree?

  9. ' How long must we sing this song?'

  10. good afternoon, time for a peppermint drink

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