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  1. Two albums - Three tours all in just over three year's. Hype factor has now worn off from them being around. To be expected that demand will fall and current tour dates reflect this.
  2. Will be released next Christmas season as someone said earlier. Any release and promotion will keep interest generated for further tour dates likely going into early 2019. I attended and as good as the show was I do remember thinking it wouldn't make a great DVD production - The giant screen etc. was great being there but not sure it would be as entertaining to watch as the Innocence or 360 DVD release. Band were on great form musically but it did feel quite static compared to previous tours.
  3. I think for various practical reasons it won't become a trilogy. I think a third in terms of theme and touring might be a stretch to far. That said several artists have started releasing albums of rarities and off cuts directly via their website. Their not chartable but obviously profitable. For a good example of this model see Robbie Williams who has now released two full albums of new material this way. Neither were toured or promoted beyond his website but it's a good idea. In fact I think he said in an interview recently both albums made more money than his commercial releases due to no need for a label etc. U2 could/should do something similar and release Songs of Ascent as an album of out takes and so forth from recent times...North Star, Mercy etc. Plus all the likely off cuts from SoI & SoE. OR more likely - I could see them packaging SoI & SoE in a deluxe set with a third disc of off cuts etc. and naming it SoA.
  4. Tricky one this time round. I think SoE allows them to diversify a little bit. But once they play several off SoE and several from SoI given that the tour covers both albums and once you throw in the usual suspects they are unlikely to drop, it doesn't leave much room in the setlist for many obscurities. Definitely think they will do one track from Pop or an extended snippet akin to how they did Zooropa last time. I think tracks from Boy/October/War & UF will likely all be dropped this time round from regular rotation. IWF and Bad might get in once or twice. I really wouldn't miss SBS. SoE in terms of sound will probably mean more songs from ATYCLB and HTDAAB come back in I suspect.
  5. Enjoyed the show - Have to say the sound was fantastic. Not sure about the setlist - especially the section after TJT just feels "stuck on" with no real thought or direction. Miss Sarajevo is a wasted slot and UV is butchered with the visuals and preaching etc. I think extending the beginning set with IWF and another track from War/UF, thus doing the TJT slightly later and then finishing with say Desire/AIWISY/One ... maybe even Sweetest Thing and Angel of Harlem too.
  6. Yeah I thought the more basic stage set up would have allowed for more setlist flexibility - it actually seems more static than the IE Tour. Looking forward to the show in Dublin - Had Noel Gallagher not have been supporting I probably wouldn't have been too bothered but its still going to be a good night of music and I'm sure I will be well into it when I'm there. Looking forward to a few songs I've never heard before live - RTST, IGC, RHMT, OTH & TTYW in particular. Just a few missed opportunities though - I think SBS as an opener is pretty uninspiring (I'm sick of it live full stop). UV as much as I love it was played regularly on the 360 so would have been nice to see a track from AB/Zooropa not played in recent times in that slot. Miss Sarajevo just seems a wasted opportunity in the setlist - nice song but there must be a hundred songs they haven't played for years that would have gone down better than that one.
  7. Its more or less exactly as I expected, shame they dropped ASOH so quickly. The visuals destroy UV for me...I really don't like it when they do the political/activist visuals over songs. I find it off putting...similar to what they did with Walk On on the 360. I just want to enjoy the music for what it is. Miss Sarajevo in my honest opinion is a waste of setlist space especially now were down to 21 songs I thought Sweetest Thing might have got a slot given that its arguably both a JT era song and one of their more recent hits given that it was released again as a single in the 90's. Also thought AIWIY, Desire & Angel of Harlem would have been in rotation.
  8. Well...if they do take TJT there I really do think SOE and the IE tour is definitely on the back burner. I suspect they might just start the IE tour again there....
  9. I remember Murrays last time too - it was great. I'm staying 5 minutes away from there so really looking forward to a drinking session in there throughout the day. Hopefully meet up with some other fans from around the forum.
  10. Yep mine arrived too - I was quite surprised.
  11. Really looking forward to hearing some of my favourite JT tracks that I haven't seen before - IGC, RHMT, RTSS & Trip in particular. Sweetest Thing would be great too. Outside of TJT era -- I'm pretty easy really it would be nice to maybe get something of NLOTH/Zooropa/Pop or even one of the songs yet to be played from SOI. Though I think the chances of any of these are quite slim. I'd be quite happy if they dropped COBL and SBS though - quite tired of those now and think they'd benefit from a break.
  12. I think this is the issue between their last Croke Park gigs and now there have been some compromises reached with locals residents.
  13. As Pitch2 encompasses the B Stage there MIGHT be some come on sale closer to the time once they know the exact sizes of the stage etc. It often happens with standing tickets. Keep a close eye on Ticketmaster
  14. Ugh looked again at my confirmation when I said 238 Euros I should have said 319. Not sure where I got 238 from...expensive night stay.
  15. I think it will be a fairly basic set up - If they just stick to these tour dates it probably wouldn't be worth making anything to elaborate.
  16. The I+E tour concept fell apart once they announced they would do the whole "two nights, two different sets" thing which you knew from the moment it was mentioned it wasn't going to happen and it clearly hadn't been thought through. Ever since then they have kind of jumped from one idea to the next and nobody knows where their going, I don't even think they do to be honest.
  17. Not sure on running order but I'm going to say the following - TJT - 11 Tracks Vertigo Beautiful Day Cedarwood Road Every Breaking Wave Sweetest Thing Pride Bad Sunday Bloody Sunday I Will Follow All I Want Is You 40 Desire One That makes 24 tracks. But I think its the most likely scenario - I don't expect many surprises considering the number of tracks from TJT they will be playing for the first time in a very long time. These will probably be in rotation - Elevation, SFS, Stuck In a Moment, Angel of Harlem, MLK, NYD, TUF I think Acrobat MIGHT get played but think they could save that if the SOE tour kicks off again.
  18. We think that Croke is the only one so far with segregated standing - apparently as there will be no tolerance for queuing outside the stadium. If you notice on Ticketmaster all recent concerts there have split standing areas.
  19. I think the staging and production this time will dictate the setlist. If it's a basic staging design (by their standards) I think some of the heavy production songs like COBL for example might finally be dropped for this show. As its hard to imagine them being played now without a big production. But given that their big stadium shows and already playing an album in full, which is very hard to do especially playing the album in sequence without causing a lull in the audience. A lot of casual fans will be in those stadiums who love the album but never paid much attention to the second half.
  20. Yeah I was last there for 360 in 2009 and GA was just GA as normal. I have read alot of articles over the years about unhappy local residents so maybe a compromise has been reached?
  21. Looking around I think its due to the fact queing before the gates open wont be tolerated due to it being a residential area. Seems to tie in with Coldplay and others all of which have the pitch split one way or anither.
  22. Confirmed on Twitter by Ticketmaster Customer Service that Pitch 1 & 2 are seperated standing areas.
  23. Its no criticism to the band as musicians I just think Edge's RS interview just sent fear through me that alot of focus is being paid to the US Election. I understand the world is changing but with the greatest respect these guys touring TJT again or delaying SOE is not going to make a great deal of difference. Just focus on the music and let the songs do the talking if the abnd feel they can. Causes such as Aids and poverty in Africa most of the audience of course will rally around and rightly so but I'm not sure another performance of Desire with Trump in the US will be the most sensible idea...the same goes with alot of other artist not just U2.
  24. I have no issue at all with the good he has done for global causes (Hell, I love Bono) - I do remain unsure for how long it should be put upon paying fans in an arena however. People have paid good money afterall to ultimately hear the guys play music. But thats fine I do get all that. Perhaps he should consider a tour speaking about these issues (seriously). I think when veering into mainstream politics its not the right thing to do. It was a democratic election just like Brexit and I think alot of their audience may have voted for Trump on those stadiums this summer and it is alienating. Please don't think I am inciting any arguments my intiial comment was a bit blunt but I am concerned that to much focus could turn on Trump or even Brexit as opposed to the music thats all. Both of which are very divisive subjects.
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