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  1.   When In Doubt.......Listen to ACROBAT and Achtung Baby !!!!!!

    1. seresere


      Don't believe what you hear, don't believe what you see...

  2. 45 396 I wish you a Happy Listening....Relaxing time, an inspirational, creative flow !!!
  3. 45 394 WHAT brand of HeadPhones are you using, @padawanbeck84 ???
  4. Thank You for the very sweet comment !!!!!
  5. 45 379 That's why I don't listen to my personal music with parents in the car or anywhere, they always have something to complain and I wanna be free !!!!
  6. 45 377 Listening to U2 on my Laptop with Winamp, To the WAV - CD - rips I did from my original U2 CDs !
  7. Dare I spark a spark in the chamber filled to the brim with fuel vapours by Asking : " WHEN is the new gift being shipped ? "
  8. @adamtaglietti YES BUT... Buuuut, At least we Got the Downloads of the songs Here on the site.....So those who don't have turn tables (for the times they gave us Vinyls) and blu-rays (in the event they would give them out) - (like me) were/would be satisfied that they COULD actually play the songs !!!!!!! I will use this argument forever with those who are shouting for BluRay !!!! Unless they also give us HQ download of the Concert ! And another one, if Blu_Ray and No download then charge extra cash for Blu_Ray..... This being said, I'm content with the DVD, and I tr
  9. Nah....That's still bad...I wouldn't pay for Netflix Just To See U2... .. And I will take this OPPORTUNITY to say I am content with the Gift....... Come On , Acrobat !!!!!!!
  10. Very Well Said @peterferris8 and @promenade95 !!!!!!
  11. OK....I got the 75 dollars one Just To Be Sure !
  12. So Are We getting THE AUDIO CD for the 2018 BERLIN Show or NOt ? If We Pay 75 Dollars?
  13. Genius, Genius...... Very Intelligent comment..... WHAT WILL make Our Gift Special ? JUST EXACT:Y WHAT ????? oh...Wait...the fact we will wait another year for it AND the fact that right now I am very Confused About What they are offering, DID You SEe this ?????
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