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  1. I made a lemonade for my girl. I left the Lemon Numb on the table and told her that I was a Wanderer until I met her. She looked at me with a Babyface and promised she'll always Stay..Faraway, So Close...However...I remembered that I crashed the car on that Dirty Day, she assured me, very confident: Don't worry Baby, Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car ! In the early summer morning we put on Zooropa and kissed for The First Time while the sound of a lonely guitar echoed in...

  2. How will you ask for it? The more you see, the less you know. Are we still on for Friday?.......

  3. So the Album is done can't wait for the next tour.

  4. Happy Zooropafest...

  5. Hold on, hold on tightly Rise up, rise up, With wings like eagles, You'll run, you'll run, You'll run and not grow weary ....

  6. Nearly the weekend!

  7. Just a hello, always good to be here!

  8. I'm checking out.

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