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  1. I'd forgotten about Yahweh, And the crowd singing along. I'm crying again.
  2. Did we know about Bush/Cheney.Condi lying yet in 2005? Just wondering what lie he'd have been pissed off about.
  3. It sounds great! And I know they have to show mostly Bono. But I just want to see more of my gorgeous silver fox.
  4. well, certain one wouldn't understand. You can show this concert to a cat, it won't care, it still thinks it is the center of the universe. Like some people think.
  5. I just said on twitter that hearing Sunday Bloody Sunday on this day when we lost John Lewis....... I'm crying again.
  6. This song..... It always gets me in the heart, but live, omg - I'm sobbing.
  7. I've always joked he must have a portrait in his attic. (in case you weren't subjected to in in literature class, Picture of Dorian Gray)
  8. Somewhere, there's an interview where Adam talks about his workout routine. The fitness level needed to stand for 3-4 hours night after night. There's so much work they put in that we don't even see.
  9. Did anyone catch Bono's addition to One? It is streaming for another day or so, and I own the DVD, so I can replay it. But just thought someone might have caught it.
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