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  1. Did anyone catch Bono's addition to One? It is streaming for another day or so, and I own the DVD, so I can replay it. But just thought someone might have caught it.
  2. So, I did scare my neighbors - I didn't know this version of WOWY had Shine Like Stars & I screamed. Because those are the best versions of WOWY.
  3. In the name of love.... this song has always been a prayer to me. The very best prayer.
  4. When he sang "angel in devil's shoes", were those Adam's shoes they cut to? It was so fast, I almost didn't catch it.
  5. Ok, I know it's Bono's birthday & Slane Castle belongs to him (for that night), but I have to say how amazing Adam looks. Just grooving in that purple shirt.
  6. I'm concentrating on breathing. I've got my windows open & I don't want to scare the neighbors with loud ugly sobbing.
  7. Really, truly a once-in-a-generation talent. Just amazing. We are so luck to be able to witness.
  8. Bono really does have an amazing voice. From a deep growl to those beautiful high notes. Really amazing. On his concert Thursday Afternoon, Gary Lightbody did a (highly requested) cover of WOWY, and he talked about how much more range Bono has than he does. And about how wonderful the guys in the band - and everyone in the organization - are.
  9. Without going back through all the shows we've watched - I should have written something down. But one of the songs, they start off with the rehearsal footage, black & white, in the empty stadium then switch to color & the crowd singing. What song was that? It's driving me crazy. Of course,I could just re-watch the shows, not like that would be a bad thing.
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