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  1. Oh haha, I found you :):):u2-1383::Zoo_Cosmo:

    1. lharper1994


      Believe it or not, I had noticed your profile tons of times (the flower i love), but didn't know it was you hahaha

  2. I'm hoping to convert my husband, he is in two minds whether he is going or not- I said "I don't really care as long as I'm going!" heartless creature that I am- who knows, there may be some lucky waif waiting outside, who gets a free let in, if he decides not to go!
  3. count me in! We are moving from Belfast to Tipperary in the next few weeks and it's my "sort of homecoming"- that's what it feels like to me, even though I was born and raised in Manchester, living in Belfast for 22 years, and I have no connections to Tipperary!!.
  4. A colleague of mine bought 2 £170 tickets - thinking that was the total price not each! Now she has to do extra shifts at work, and she's blaming me for hyping it up. I think her words were- "this better be good, or you're in trouble!"
  5. There are plenty of B and B's and hostels around the university area- I imagine they won't be too expensive- and only about £7 in a taxi to venue
  6. I agree that James are amazing, both bands make music and perform with soul and passion. It's unfortunate that the current U2 shows are to your liking. I'm curious, which song was cringe worthy? I haven't been to the Innocence show yet, so I can't comment. I saw James last November, and it's great to be able to get tickets easily, and there isn't the great weight of expectation surrounding the shows that U2 always have...it's as if you don't have your mind blown with awesomeness then U2 have failed somehow- which is a bit tough! (....however, I am truly expecting to have my mind blown with awesomeness, ) I think it's a bit unfair to go to multiple shows and expect them to be different- that's not really the idea, most people I imagine will just be going once. If U2 were only as popular as James they would probably mix it up more and they wouldn't have, or need the massive productions they put on- so I agree in that way it's not a fair comparison.
  7. jojodee

    Heart broken

    fingers crossed, something will turn up - an extra date maybe?
  8. platinum tickets?? that sounds pricey!
  9. I feel for you- thinking you have it all sorted- then horrors! - (you might have to sign up for night classes at uni sharpish! )
  10. I'm glad you got tickets- well done - and for the Saturday!
  11. My husband has been converted - I brought my 2 girls 16 and 22 to their first shows this summer - they enjoyed them very much! That's good to know, we want to share the love around!
  12. Wow great post, Now I'm even more excited- and I've purposely been avoiding watching the clips from the tour (apart from one or two I couldn't resist- Bad and Gloria- if I got one of those... ) but what I'm secretly hoping for is that just for one night my other half will (begrudgingly probably) admit the U2 ARE THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!! Has anyone so far on the tour converted ambivalent friends or relatives?
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