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  1. Oh haha, I found you :):):u2-1383::Zoo_Cosmo:

    1. lharper1994


      Believe it or not, I had noticed your profile tons of times (the flower i love), but didn't know it was you hahaha

  2. Yup, I'm in the same situation. Hit http://www.u2.com/helpand go to the 'Pre Sale and Code Info' section'; it should answer all your questions but anyone who hasn't previously used their presale code will be able to use them for the Irish dates. First thing I did when my code came through was save it. These are the key points, I think. Q - How do I gain access to the U2.com Tour Ticket pre-sale? A - To gain access to the U2.com Tour Ticket presale you will need your unique and personal Pre-sale Access code that has been allocated to you as an eligible current Subscriber of U2.com. You
  3. I'm supposed to go and sleep now these dates have been announced- 1/ I have an unused presale code, but I'm no longer a paid subscriber so I don't know if I will get a new code 2/ I saved up the money for tickets on a prepaid credit card at the beginning of the year, and 2 weeks ago finally succumbed, having heard nothing, and spent the money 3/ I live in Belfast and am in the process of selling up and moving to Tipperary- so I don't know if I'm going to be living nearer Belfast or Dublin in November so all in all - a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me this week- wish me luck!!
  4. I've no record player either......maybe it will make a good wall art display, plus my kids have never seen a vinyl record before.....it will be like a history lesson
  5. Ah, I have to stick up for that song, its my third favourite after the troubles and EBW. I could have also easily voted for CB or Ordinary love too. It's like being offered a full box of chocolates, all yummy, but you have to pick one. (Although Cedarwood Rd is the nutty chocolate for me- ie my least favourite)
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