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    The Unforgettable Fire
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    Even Better Than The Real Thing
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    360 Tour, Mexico City 14/May/2011
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    360 Tour 15/May/2011
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    Maybe Adam, but i love them 4, is hard to choose!
  1. This won't get to them Alejandra, I think they don't even know U2.com exists... haha, i know, that is why i said i know is not U2, but they should improve the comunication whit us (or have people who does)
  2. I really love U2, i know you wont do anything, i know the person who will read this ovbiously will not be Bono, Edge, Adam or Larry, i know that, and is ok, but I have to say something!!... please for YOU, listen to your fans, you really need to pay atention of what we think, im talking about "ordinary love", i liked those 30 seconds of song that i heard, but... at some point it was disapointing, we all our fans expected a bit more, at least a entire song!!, is ok, you know we love U2, and doesn't matter what you do we will still loving you... BUT you could win more fans, more participation fr
  3. well... I liked the song... BUT you should let us hear ALL the song, dont you think??
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