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  1. I got a new code from U2.com just a few minutes ago for the pre-sale tomorrow.
  2. I went to the Boston IE show on July 11th and got tix through the fan club in Sec 329 (upper balcony) and my total cost for 2 tickets was $231.15. The same exact seats were $325 EACH when I tried to get pre-sale tickets.
  3. The worst experience getting tickets through a fan club in all my years of using fan club tickets for various artists.
  4. No luck for me in the presale or in the verified public onsale. Tried to get tix right when the sales opened and nothing.
  5. Same exact seats I sat in for the IE show in Boston 2 years ago for $115 are now $325. Unreal. Just outrageous.
  6. Boston for me nothing. All they had was seats near the opposite end-zone. Now they only have nosebleeds which are very scary at Gillette for $122! No thank you. First time in over 20 years I have been let down by fan club presale. No GA or Red Zone when I was trying incessantly at 9:00 AM this morning.
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