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  1. Everyday Music in Seattle also has a small stack of them remaining as of when they closed an hour ago. Question for those who picked up a copy: Did yours come with a digital download code? Paying $10+ for a new track without being able to play it when I'm traveling is always a little heartbreaking, and I didn't find one in mine... Thanks, -Brad
  2. I remembered that, but I thought that the report from Vancouver on Friday was that they didn't...
  3. Merch outside the stadium?!? Can you move the camera a bit further to the left? What are those gold shirts?
  4. Hi U2 mods and fans -- Just a quick note to voice my enthusiasm for the Joshua Tree tour, but also my hope that the band will buck the trend of playing the album front-to-back during the show. Having seen a number of "play an album" shows by beloved artists like Peter Gabriel, Patti Smith, and the Breeders, I have to say that while it's a fun concept, it removes one of the best elements of seeing a favorite artist live -- not knowing what is coming next. While I'll be very happy to hear all of the Joshua Tree tracks played on concert night, I'd much prefer them to be jumbled up with each
  5. (@adrnik: That Rolling Stone link isn't working for me, BTW... "I get an "oops, we can't find what you were looking for" )
  6. Awwww... :'( In the "hope springs eternal" category, when we were this many months away from the start of the i+e tour, I believe there was still the expectation that the two shows would have "a completely different feel from one night to the next", and we all know how that turned out... so arguably there's still time for change to occur. What's the best way of getting this opinion in front of the band though? I can't think that I'm alone in music fans in thinking this way. Ooh, a concert with Drowning Man and/or Acrobat would be a dream come true. My last few U2 shows I've really
  7. U2 members, managers, and fans -- As someone who has attended several "play an album" style concerts by beloved artists like Peter Gabriel, Patti Smith, and The Breeders, I humbly ask that U2 consider not simply playing the Joshua Tree from front to back at some point during the concert on this tour. The reason I request this is that a big part of the appeal of concerts -- beyond seeing the artists live, the crowd, and the volume -- is not knowing what will be played next and the surprise and anticipation that leads to. So while I definitely like the idea of revisiting a favorite beloved
  8. Even though Bono may not have worked "Love Will Tear Us Apart Again" into "With or Without You" anymore, is Bono still doing his impersonation of Ian Curtis's frenetic arm-dancing style early in the show? (I can't recall which song). He did it both nights in Vancouver. -Brad
  9. Hi Chadd: Again, if you're the kind of fan who would go see them for two consecutive nights on any of their tours, nothing about i+e should stop you -- you'll get a solid pair of very similar shows (and, granted, they were less similar than, say, the Vertigo tour where a second night in Seattle would have gotten you only 3 new songs out of 18). On the other hand, if you're the kind of person who, like me, would normally balk at spending $230 for a second night of tickets, you might end up feeling cheated by the way the tour was advertised compared to what you got. Swapping out 6 of 24
  10. My review: I saw both shows and think that this tour features a truly awesome show, but not the pair of two distinct shows that was originally billed (and the tour program still seems to imply is the case, which seems... inaccurate at best, embarrassing at worst). First, the good: The band sounds and looks great (as always), and the setlist combines a number of new favorites from Songs of Innocence with old favorites and standards. The stage setup and visual effects were generally very strong, though I liked them best when used in a more minimal way. For example, usually in arena or st
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