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    U2, mountains, Paul David Hewson, trekking, David Howell Evans, reading, Adam Clayton, cinema, Larry Mullen Jr. and of course U2.
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  1. Yes and yes. I did get my confirmation and my account info says that the expiring date is May 2018. I contacted the customer care but no answer so far. Btw thanks for answering
  2. Hi everybody, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I need help. I renewed my subscription on May 14th and I got my confirmation, but I received a mail telling me that my subscription is expiring. Somebody can help me? (In my account info everything is ok).
  3. I'm a subscriber since May 2012 but I renewed my subscription two days ago even if it wasn't expired (because I was too excited about the gift and I couldn't resist). Am I considered an old subscriber or not, concerning the ticket pre-sale? I wonder if I am stupid
  4. I was wondering about where the labcoat was!!! I'm happy that it's travelling around the world! I hope it will reach the band before the tour starts!
  5. Zoo TV Tour - Torino July, 12 1993 My first concert ever. I went to the show with four friends of mine, but I was the very U2 lover. We had a gigantic bed sheet, 4 x 4 metres, in which we wrote "IN U2 WE TRUST". Before entering the stadium, an important italian daily newspaper reporter, came to us and asked for a photo of the sheet. I then asked him whether he was going to the backstage to interview the band and he said "Yes". So I said: could you give my telephone number to Bono? Of course, he answered. I gave him my number (home number of course, there were no cellular p
  6. I LOVE IT!! Beautiful song, great sound!! I can't stop to listen to it!!!
  7. Great news!!!! Well deserved nomination for the best band of the world!!
  8. If I was the bride, my wedding would finished the same day
  9. Sorry for late, I was ill last week.... Thank you Alma, very kind
  10. The Dublin Legends formerly known as The Dubliners!! A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!!!
  11. I want to thank Monica for the beautiful moments spent together in Dublin
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