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  1. Original of the Species, the sheer beauty of it just hits me every time...
  2. That would be the perfect topic for the tea ceremony with Bono and Julia Roberts, the winner should definitely raise this issue there, on behalf of all of us. Who knows, maybe Julia will help too.
  3. Feel free to check with Croke Park. I'm just telling you what I was told. If the ticket is paperless, we wouldn't be charged additional € for secure delivery and we wouldn't got an info when will those tickets arrived to our addresses. And like ddcpitt had already mentioned, paperless ticket info would be all over Ticketmaster.ie. When I was buying GA tickets for 3Arena in 2015 it was clearly stated that the tickets are paperless, so I am sure they would apply the same policy now as well. I am 100% sure that the ticket is a hard, paper one. Having said that, I highly doubt that you would need to produce your credit card alongside your paper ticket at the entry. Who on earth will have the time to scan your ticket AND check your credit card for all those thousands of people in the line? In the 3Arena (where there was much less people) they didn't check ID's even though it was clearly stated that the credit cards are being scanned AND matching ID's will be checked, because simply in reality no one has the time to do that... And collectors ticket is just a souvenir, if you have ordered it, you should be receiving two tickets, the real one and the collectors one.
  4. Including service, credit-card and shipping fees € 80,- So the ticket is a hard paper tick?
  5. Coldplay tickets for Croke Park have 3 pitches. I was trying to see Coldplay tickets and you really had to choose your Pitch right there! As far as I could see, the price is the same for all three pitches. But what is worrying me, when I look at the Coldplay chart, it makes sense, Pitch 1 is in front and Pitch 2 is behind. Why on U2's chart Pitch 2 is up front and Pitch 1 behind??? I will certainly be going as close as possible, so I will definitely buy Pitch 2, I am just worried, what if this is a mistake and I end up behind with my Pitch 2 ticket?
  6. Are GA tickets paperless in Europe? Ticketmaster IE doesn't indicate this.
  7. I have framed my Ordinary Love print, just a simple silver frame, nothing extravagant. Looks great. I'm also thinking of framing UTEOTW screen waves print, maybe lavender frame...
  8. I want Super Deluxe Bundle but there is no women's T-shirt? I can only choose between sizes of the men's shirt. There should be option for men and women T-shirts. Not all fans are male, obviously.
  9. Slight advantage to the local Dubliners without a ticket but it's not a condition. Priority for me is that you are willing to queue up early and keep me company.
  10. That's ok, I managed to get hold on a ticket. But thanks anyway!
  11. I will have my confirmation email with me, as well as the Order History and Receipt printed from the Ticketmaster website. If all that isn't enough, I don't know what is. For being paperless I suspect many of us will end up bringing a lot of paper with us just in case huh? Hahahaha, indeed. I know I will bring as many papers as needed, this show is too important to me to get there without any insurance whatsoever. Heck, I'll even bring my "Congratulations! You are going to Innocence & Experience Tour" screenshot which appeared right after I bought the tickets.
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