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  1. Since 1985 I went to all U2 concerts at least once. I was a paid subscriber but I renewed my subscription just to be sure I got my presale code. That was a stupid decision, because now I am seen as a new subsciber. I am not in the red hill group and got a code to use tomorrow. It have no faith that tomorrow I will get my tickets. I know I did something wrong myself probably, but I am really hoping to get tickets. If someone bought extra tickets for Dublin or Amsterdam and is willing to sell after monday, please let me know! Carina
  2. In case you can't get MZ tickets: interested in GA tickets? I like to swap for seated tickets...
  3. For tomorrow night I have 2 GA tickets for tuesday. Anyone who is willing to swap for their seated tickets?
  4. Hello Lobmans, Thank you for the reply. What makes you want to think about it? And what would convince you to actually swap? Regards, Carina
  5. I have 2 GA tickets for the Dublin 2 show. Would like to have seated tickets since I'm a bit claustrophobic and felt anxious in Amsterdam watching U2. Anyone interested?
  6. Well I heard a rumour that this won't be their last shows in Ireland. Today I talked to ticketmaster on the phone and asked them about it. They had heard the rumours too and even when they didn't deny nor confirm, I think I would wait a while if I were you. Goodluck!
  7. Dear fans, I feel more than happy that I have two tickets for the U2 show in Dublin. Something went wrong with my visa payment for tiered seating tickets for Dublin4 but ticketmaster, who could see my history, offered me 2 GA tickets for the inconvenience. I could hug them for that! Anyway, I still prefer Dublin4 and I heard that it is possible to swap by giving ticketmaster a call (very client orientated people working there!). Is there anyone that prefers GA tickets over tiered seating and doesn't mind going tot Dublin2 show instead of Dublin 4? Love to hear from you!
  8. Ticketmaster will reserve 2 standing tickets for me for Dublin2. I had seated tickets for that day but something went wrong and now they have send me an email that they have standing tickets for me. I love to go and have seats on Dublin 4. Any chance that we can swap?
  9. I tried to get tickets for the Dublin4 show, but something went wrong with my payment. Finally I got an answer from ticketmaster that I haven't got the tiered seating tickets for Dublin 4 but they can offer me Dublin2 standing tickets to make it up to me. At November 24th is almost impossible for me to go, due to workobligations, so therefore I thought that I would swap with somebody. Is this possible? It seems like I have to give my creditcard to someone, which I rather not do (understatement). Anybody a solution?
  10. Are you willing to sell? I would love those tickets... When I reserved my tickets and paid, I didn't get a confirmationmail. I guess I haven't got any tickets now. More than said...
  11. I thought I bought 2 tickets for Dublin4 but I got no confirmationmail from ticketmaster... Anyone that sells 1 (or 2) seated ticket(s) I would be more than grateful..
  12. Dear fans, For 30 years U2 is the backbone of my life and my adrenaline level was skyhigh on monday, general sale for Dublin shows. I managed to reserve 2 tickets, paid by giving my visanumber, waited and than the screen went black...No confirmationmail, no tickets in my basket. Anyone else with the same issue? I guess I'm hoping for a wonder...
  13. I see what you mean: I'm shown as a member not a subscriber. I paid to be a subscriber though, in order to get a presale code for the ireland shows. But I see in a post above me that pre sale tickets are sold out...
  14. yes I am a paid subscriber. my login name is cwaard is that of any use? [PLEASE DO NOT POST EMAILS in the board. Thanks]
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