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  1. 100% agree. I can understand the delays with the physical shipping, but the downloads should have been shared with subscribers much sooner. Personally I not really interested in a few songs out of sequence from the show, I'll only download and add to my personal playlist when the show and setlist is complete.
  2. Arrived this morning (UK) - nice packaging, same size as the photobook and CD from last year and fairly similar photos. Not sure i'd ever play the DVD as I can watch it here. But nice gift to go with the collection
  3. looking forward to picking this one up... https://recordstoreday.co.uk/news/posts/2020/u2-david-bowie-manic-street-preachers-to-release-special-one-off-record-store-day-releases-for-war-child/
  4. I would bet my house this will be the renewal option from w/c Jan 27th
  5. my gift arrived today (UK) from the custom stamps it looks like it's had quite a journey. Actually pleasantly surprised; it's a little bigger than a standard CD book and the photos bring the energy from the shows. Not to the same standard as the 360 book from a few years back, but definitely up there in my top 5 gifts. Still puzzled why it took so long though and sadly I think the delay and frustration of this will stay with many of us long after the booklet has secured it's place on the shelf next to our other U2 items.
  6. wow this sounds promising. First time I have been excited about a subscriber gift since the Melon CD.
  7. Show 3 - Nov 9th - Only 22 hours in the Irish capital and what a 22 hours!. The adrenaline from the roller coaster of the flight and landing didn't die down. We saw quite a few familiar faces from the show at the O2 2 weeks earlier in the Gibson Hotel bar and had a great chat with KO (the legend behind PinkAdam) and I snapped up one of her limited edition prints, before heading back out to the howling wind and rain at 6:30 as the doors opened; having decided we wouldn't queue given the weather and it seemed we weren't alone to make that call, as there wasn't a queue at all for entrance 1! Into the arena and we managed to get within a single person at the barrier for the E stage! What a group of amazing people from all over the world to watch the show with; in front of me Mexico, Argentina. to my left Spain and the US, to my right more from the US and 2 local guys from Dublin; sharing band and concert stories before the blackout began The narrative alongside Dirty Day was incredible, almost as incredible as Edge's guitar on The Fly (wow he was on fire). we jumped, we sang. what an amazing night. Completed the trip with a walk round to Hanover Quay Studio, before heading back to the airport and home. Thanks to the band and thanks to those around us.
  8. Been trying to call ticketmaster in Ireland all week - option 5 - sorry all our operators are busy and they hang up Anyone know what happens if you have booked 2 (GA) tickets via 2 separate purchases on the same card? will they see both tickets when they swipe you in?
  9. Great news! Already excited... Anyone have thoughts/experience on Redzone from the IE tour? is it worth it? I had GA at the O2 in 2015 and was on the barrier by the E stage; had RZ for Paris last year and thought it was amazing. So what to buy on Thursday? The US ticket sites seem to suggests it's not that close to the I stage and walkway...
  10. Is the stage in a different position (side on) over the other European shows? Sound desk looks to be right at the back of the field. (Which looks way better)
  11. no issues for RZ orders for Twickenham this morning for me; had to enter my code before I could select a quantity and see the price/checkout. email confirmation states "standing & red zone"
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