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  1. @Nanaa sorry for not answering for so long. I was trying to get tickets via TicketOne, also known as Eventim. But you didn’t miss a thing, this whole open sale thing was a joke. And we were the ones that the fun was made of...
  2. 10AM sharp. Only the most expensive tickets, no GA's. If that's the way you're playing with fans... I'm out. Greed. Joke. Scam.
  3. Great playback during The Best Thing, Edge. Just great. I'm afraid to ask what else is prerecorded during "live" shows...
  4. The problem is that U2.com says debit card is acceptable, while ticketmaster.ie says only "credit card", not a word about debit cards. I'm worried about buying tickets as well. Is there any chance to clarify this? Will I be able to buy paperless tickets on monday with my DEBIT card?
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