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  1. I'm writing it now, he said it 19 years ago, as a reference to other song. See the difference, by any chance? Today I'd be banned even if I quoted frontman of the band because of which we're all here. However, the word is still used in movies and other art productions, so hold your horses boy. And please read what I wrote. I started with stating that they could cut out the whole rant, if they didn't want this word on the official release. But you decided to ignore this part, right? It was easier to hold to one word and jump on emotions, how predictable. Nevertheless, it's a lazy release p
  2. So you say in 2001 Bono showed disrespect, put in on film and distributed for 19 years? Bold 😇
  3. Really? The N word muted, but the F word is just perfectly fine? 🤣 You should leave it or mix the whole rant out, lazy bastards
  4. You can’t blame them, they want new material Our stuff’s been repeated too many times You can’t sell the same thing to the same old crowd forever
  5. Doesn't work on phone and on 3 stationary computers with Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Explorer. There's just no way to get to the player, just an error page (with no player ).
  6. Unfortunately it's not true, it doesn't work in Poland I'm afraid...
  7. @Nanaa sorry for not answering for so long. I was trying to get tickets via TicketOne, also known as Eventim. But you didn’t miss a thing, this whole open sale thing was a joke. And we were the ones that the fun was made of...
  8. 10AM sharp. Only the most expensive tickets, no GA's. If that's the way you're playing with fans... I'm out. Greed. Joke. Scam.
  9. Great playback during The Best Thing, Edge. Just great. I'm afraid to ask what else is prerecorded during "live" shows...
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