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    OakWalker's Dream

    Btw, love the coloring in the tree on the right. (Is it a mighty oak?) If the trees could thank u, they would, for bringing their beauty, majesty, & importance to people. Our outbreath is their inbreath - and vice versa. I love trees, too.
  2. Alma1

    OakWalker's Dream

    WOW to the tree on the right! You really do have a love of trees & it shows. What's happening w/ the trees on the left reminds me of trees uprooted in a tornado. Of course, I realize the artist might've had something else in mind in drawing them (a different interpretation).
  3. This looks to me like gargoyles come to life from architecture.
  4. Lawrence. I dig the shades. And hair. And face. And the drumstick on the left (in his right hand). And the font of the "U2".
  5. Alma1


    Love the Zoo Baby.
  6. Alma1


  7. It's good when there's balance in society. Sustainable use is the way to go. The way society has treated the ecosystem for a long time now isn't sustainable. I just read this today that u posted in December & where u mention the Amazon River it reminded me of part of a STP song I posted yesterday - the part of 'Adhesive' that says "Down the river, down the river" & "it's all so confusing." I think true democracy is usually necessary to protect the environment. If there's too much corruption, too much power in the hands of a tiny percent of people (for ex, too much power in the hands of for-profit corporations) then it's Dangerous for the rest of us.
  8. I think there's a cartoonist in you somewhere. Mad Duck Adventures presents: 'Full Speed Ahead' (or something like that).
  9. Your concern for the ecosystem is great. Mankind is damaging it too much. Too many selfish people aren't considering 'the larger picture.' (As they say, Earth is not given to us by our parents - it is loaned to us by our children.)
  10. Beautiful voice of a gospel singer singing Thankfulness. Thank you to my 4ever all-time favorite band U2 for letting us fans post, share our love of music, & interact w/ each other. Tasha Cobbs - 'I Love This Place.' https://youtu.be/NU__ckpj1OY
  11. For a long time, I didn't realize this song had a non-US-version video. (I kinda hate when that happens, lol.) I loved the US version, but also this one. (If I had to pick only 1 to be the video for the song, I'd make it the US version, but I love this video too for different reasons.) Natasha Bedingfield - 'Unwritten' (Non-US version).
  12. A song & video I Really like. "Tryin' to find the magic..." . . Natasha Bedingfield - 'These Words.'
  13. . . "Drench yourself in words unspoken." Natasha Bedingfield - 'Unwritten' (US version).
  14. I listened to that section again & I'm Not sure, but I think it might be a Stone Temple Pilots song that 8:55 & 8:56 reminds me of! If anyone knows the answer to this, don't hesitate to say. Got it - I remembered! (Had to Think.) The part of a song those 2 seconds remind me of IS in a song by STP: :06 - :08 in 'Adhesive'! (Adhesive Love.) This! Great song, but man I also wish this could be re-recorded. (I love it, but it has more potential, too.) I'm not a sound engineer or record producer but I was thinking the voice could've been brought out in front of the instruments a bit more or something. So I looked thru YouTube comments to see if anyone else thought the same kind of thing, & found someone saying this: "This needs to be redone with a higher bitrate source. The simbalance and sound bleed is very apparent." (Well...maybe? I wish I had music production background & vocab to be conversant in this stuff!) Then I saw a separate comment that made sense as a possibility - I knew that Scott Weiland had had a drug problem, but what the commenter said hadn't occurred to me: bcs of that problem, sometimes his voice wasn't as strong as it was at other times. Still a great song to hear! (8:55-:56 in the song above reminded me of :06-:08 in the song below.)
  15. I. Love. These. Sisters! First Aid Kit: Love some of their songs, music videos, vibe... (They hail from Sweden, btw.) Stay Gold:
  16. . . The part of the Fallulah vid w/swirling & trees (:43 -1:04, which I really liked btw) reminded me of near the start of this video by a band I LOVE called First Aid Kit:
  17. I like that. I love things that are different & unique - and that is! The part w/ the colorful confetti made me smile.
  18. I listened to that section again & I'm Not sure, but I think it might be a Stone Temple Pilots song that 8:55 & 8:56 reminds me of! If anyone knows the answer to this, don't hesitate to say.
  19. 8:54-:57 - especially 8:55 & 8:56: SOME other song (probably of a different band) has a part that sounds Very much like that. It's just a couple of seconds, but I would So like to know what other song has a part that it reminds me of.
  20. Cris, btw, I like the real forest footage in this video, but I also like the trees that look like artwork & that part reminded me of you drawing trees.
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