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  1. Been a long time since I've listened to Muse, Paola. Nice change of pace.
  2. Whoah, Lol, chill dude. That was the term that guy used to describe *himself,* not my term. Who knows, maybe it's a term just here in America. If my saying that a world w/out love is what I consider scary, & saying "treat others as you'd want them to treat u" is what u consider "getting aggressive," that's Sad. Please try not to 'read into' things I say - such as imagining I think you're hateful. (Not sure if you're talking about someone who was banned from moderating here but as u said - whatever.) Ironically, b4 reading your last comment, I was just about to post this song. (P.S. glad we straightened things out.)
  3. Well, a militant anti-theist was not accustomed to believe in angels, Jesus, or God before a Near Death Experience. Jesus was mostly about love. He loved people. I think a world w/out that is what's scary. God knows your heart. Treat others as you'd want them to treat u.
  4. It occurs to me Chris that for some people, the idea of angels, Jesus, & God must seem like no more than the parts of that 'Tonight' video I posted w/ bizarre sky-beings just saying "Believe. Believe in me. Believe." But I've seen too much in documentaries & read too much, etc, so I don't think we all just stop existing when our body dies. For ex, u know how there's a difference between 'atheist' and 'militant anti-theist,' right? Well, I've spoken w/ someone who *used to* be militant anti-theist, who used to make fun of people for believing in souls, a spiritual side of life, believing in angels, God etc - until he had a Near Death Experience (NDE) & came back. He says he Knows very differently now - says he was w/God & met Jesus. Now he posts a Lot about angels, Jesus, & God. I've read & seen many people testifying to such experiences & a lot of their accounts have a Lot in common. P.S. There are also the extra-Terran possibilities to consider. Also, as a Christian, I don't like how God is presented sometimes either. Personally, I live by the New Testament much more than the Old. *Love* others as u love yourself.
  5. This is the song that had me thinking yesterday about songs that a person loves or likes but doesn't like the music-video for (or likes the vid a lot less). If a person closes their eyes & just hears this song w/out the video, I think it's more likely they'll like the song & appreciate it. I really like this song, but even though the video is creative & well-done, the video, to me, has too many bizarre elements, has too much going on, & doesn't seem to have anything to do w/ the song, & a lot of it distracts & detracts from the music. (To each his own, but I can't stand the cookie planet or moon for ex, Lol.)
  6. Chris, if I ever win the lottery (even tho it's very rare that I play it) maybe I'll share some w/ u just so there'll be 1 less person in the world whose experience is that life mostly sux & then u die. (I didn't mean dark spirits come after a person as a punishment for eating donuts, LoL! I meant maybe the character in the video is unhealthy because he eats bunches of donuts & dies from a heart attack or some such. I personally do believe in the spirit world. It's true that some people are just superstitious or in medieval thinking, etc, but my way of thinking isn't from that. I'm highly educated & well-read, etc, & I respect science & even love it, but 1 valid way of knowing things is thru direct experience, so...) ANYways...
  7. I love the Landscape in that vid too, Chris! And I can see that u understand what I mean about songs & videos. (Btw, regarding human souls, as I understand from things I've read, documentaries, & my own personal spiritual experiences, there's a place where physics & metaphysics meet, & have to do w/aspects of reality usually unseen by the human eye. By "personal spiritual experiences," I don't mean I've seen a ghost, btw. One thing that can last is energy. It seems to me a person's soul/spirit has something to do w/ a person's consciousness/mind - plus an energy & who-knows-what-else that we don't fully comprehend, but I think it's something that can exist after the body that human eyes can see is gone.) Blah blah blah, right? Chuckles! Was about to post a different song & vid, but 1st: mentioning the human eye made me think of this from the Canadian band 'Tragically Hip.' I luv this song & video. The 1st 53 seconds speaks about vision, but not just the kind we're used to w/ human eyes (or w/ adult, jaded eyes I guess). https://youtu.be/5Ost6Eupxss
  8. Can hardly believe I watched that whole thing Chris, but I did. It kept my interest, even tho I thought some aspects were kind of bizarre. (I liked the tune, vibe, the setting / scenery.) I've heard of Gorillaz but don't know much about it. Glad to know more about it now. Part of it seems to allude to the spirit world, btw - when it looks like dark spirits arise (maybe referring to the Grim Reaper bec the officer is unhealthy & maybe dies?). Was thinking about this yesterday: sometimes a person can like or love a song but not be crazy about the video. Will post the song below that had me thinking about that.
  9. HAHAH !!! I thought I was the only one reminiscing about that Edge-Swamp-Owl-ZOO Footage !!!! I just realized my iPad autocorrected "barred" to bard. But yes, loved all the interviews on that documentary. One of the most beautiful photos of an owl I've ever seen. Thanx for posting it.
  10. HAHAH !!! I thought I was the only one reminiscing about that Edge-Swamp-Owl-ZOO Footage !!!! Funny stuff, Chris. And thanx for posting the photo from Adam. Wow, that building's really special. Unique. I like it. Beautiful in the sun, too. P.S. If I forgot to say it, Thanx for the info about the Joshua Tree photo shoots, too.
  11. Alma1


    Hi Lorri. The dude on the right looks familiar. Who is he?
  12. It's Alright, It's Alright !!!!! It's ............. Aaaaaaalriiiiight !!!! U2 moves in Mysterious Ways !!! OOOOOAaaaahhhaaaaah !!!! Lol. Yur cracking me up, dude. Good attitude.
  13. Chris! You've posted what is now my all-time favorite photo of the JT Nat'l Park I've ever seen! (Out of all pics w/out the band in them.) If I've seen this pic b4, I don't remember. Beautiful!! And so glad you created this thread, too.
  14. Adele like I've never seen her b4. *Love* it when she raps.
  15. Another great carpool karaoke - w/ Elton John! (My personal 2nd-favorite carpool vid. 2nd only to the one w/ Coldplay's Chris Martin for me.) "If I could tell my 12-year-old self I'd be doing this (singing w/ Elton John)...his head would explode." - James Corden.
  16. This! Priceless. & I knew he has cited U2 as an influence, but check this out from this video: “I look up to U2.” - Chris Martin. Love his Springsteen & Jagger impersonations, reaction when Viva la Vida is mangled, etc. (Such an easygoing, sweet dude...love his joie de vivre & sense of humor, too.) ~ Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke ~
  17. Thanx for posting. Really enjoyed that. I love seeing how even w/ a relatively slow, mellow song, Bono seems to get energy from singing, & gets filled w/ rhythm. Such soul.
  18. I love this one of Gavin. (& I really like this vid w/ it, btw). Actually, at :34-:36, he sounds similar to D. Bowie (to me) when he sings "to be blue." Also (though maybe a little less): at 4:08-4:10 "Blue." You, Me and World War Three
  19. I like 'James' & haven't listened to them in awhile, gandalfmuppet. I like that this 1 reminds me of 80s music: 'Born of Frustration' (even if it's from the 90s). "Show the movie that doesn't deal in black & white... Talk talk talkin 'bout who's to blame, But all that counts is how to change."
  20. LoL! And I think that has actually happened b4. Someone once said on the U2.com boards that he suggests that big U2 fans never marry anyone who doesn't understand your love of U2! I agree. Lol. Too true.
  21. David appeared in a dream of mine last night. (Not sure I ever dreamed of him b4.) No offense to Iman, but in the dream he was my boyfriend or husband (boyfriend I think) & he was about to leave to head back to England. I handed him a couple small items - kind of like small notebooks w/important info about something we were working on that had to do w/ Ireland, so I asked if he thought it would be a good idea for him to take those back w/him since he was going to England (not Ireland). He considered it a moment & said yes. He smiled his big beautiful David Bowie smile & started towards the door to walk out to the car. I told him I'd be out there in a minute & I ran upstairs to grab something so I could get back out there b4 the car would drive away - because I wanted to give him a big kiss/smackeroo & a big hug b4 he'd leave. Of course that was when I woke up! B4 being able to give him that kiss & hug! Why are dreams like that?
  22. I love the Black Keys, Chris! Maybe most people do. They're great. There are a lot of bands I like that I won't 'Like' in my FaceBook, Lol, but I do have the Black Keys there. So for me that's saying a lot.
  23. I think I could hear that song every day of my life & not get tired of it, Bragi.
  24. Hi Chris. I like Arctic Monkeys, too.
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