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  1. Wow. This one is unique & special. What a beautiful thing.
  2. 'A gathering of angels appeared above my head. They sang to me a song of hope...' (From 'Come Sail Away' by Styx.)

    1. 99TTENE


      That's a great song!

    2. Alma1


      Cool. Glad u appreciate it. I'm into some of the lyrics of it.

  3. Alma1


    Mmhm. Yup. Yes. But I'm going to imagine that's a stick of dark chocolate he's chomping on (the kind you can stir hot tea with) - not anything that could hurt Bono's darling, precious lungs.
  4. Sweet loving Grace, & Hard Truth. Both are necessary. Beautify & elevate, but give truth its due. See the world in green & blue.

  5. The heart is a bloom! It shoots up through the stony ground. / (There's no room, no space to rent in this town.) / ...See The World In Green & Blue!

    1. pain_18_


      See the green forest right in front of you !!!

    2. Alma1


      Lol. It's full of TREES. Beautiful trees. :)

  6. Good post, Malahide. Anything that helps remove any stigma of seeking counseling or other help is very important & the right thing to do. Adam has said in the past that he even (as an adult) went through a time when he was having suicidal thoughts. Everyone who is suicidal has suicidal thoughts, but not everyone who has suicidal thoughts is necessarily suicidal (at least not at the time) - but it's heartbreaking & indicates deep pain & disatisfaction, & is very concerning because you just never know.
  7. Wow. This is great! What a great thing to do. I listened to it a few times. Great statement, too. Thank you to Edge, Music Rising, and contributors. Thanks for posting it, Babyface.
  8. When I posted this, I was tired & was mixing up 2 threads! Lol. Someone (Spicy?) recently created a thread somewhere that is all about people's current gripes & whines & such. The stuff I said after the stuff about enjoying the poem Bragi posted was meant for the other thread. Oh well, it's a crossover comment.
  9. Wow, Jen. do you like it? Yes - it's profound. And sad. Apologies, my friend, that I didn't speak more clearly. You also posted it at a time when I had just unfortunately had a kind of big fight w/ my own Dad, who can be one of the dearest people in the world, who I love & who loves me (& we do let each other know that), but who can also sometimes be quite exasperating - and unreasonable w/ me sometimes in a way that's hard. Not that I just read your poem through the prism of my own experience - but I read it first as your experience & then read it over a couple more times - and part of what you wrote sounds like stuff I could say to my Dad & part sounds like stuff he might think regarding me. (Btw, my Dad is my biological Dad & my parents are together.) I spoke w/ a close friend of mine about what happened that day (a few days ago) w/ my Dad & me, & she said that at least I got a note from my Dad afterwards saying that he loves me. Although I was avoiding my Dad because I wasn't wanting to speak w/ him after that, I know my Dad - and I knew he would probably sincerely feel sorry afterward & say something nice/conciliatory or apologetic to me. And he did. He left a note for me. My friend said she never would have gotten that from her father. Her father passed away years ago, btw. (But also, my Dad's not violent, but her father was.) I very much realize the things I have to be thankful for in life - including the dear people in my life who I love. None of us is perfect & if only we always could really know & understand if there are ways we might negatively affect those we love & care about - I don't mean ways that we can't help - I mean ways that we would be happier to be aware of - if we could change them - so we could change them. We often also don't know if someone who has hurt us even realizes it - and we often don't know how they came to be the way they are in a certain way - and they might not realize it themselves. But sometimes, even if they do know - and they want to change - they sometimes find that for some reason they can't seem to change. (Btw, I don't mean that excuses everything w/ the way that some people sometimes affect other people negatively or hurt them. Sometimes it doesn't.) With whatever your situation is, I wish you all good things in your life always, & happiness, Jen! I wish the same for everyone.
  10. About 'Doors of Daring': Excellent one, Bragi. I really enjoyed reading that! Speaking of doors, have you ever walked at full speed towards a door that's partly ajar in your house while holding a cup of hot drink in one hand & pushing the door with the other hand - fully expecting it to open all the way for you - but discovering too late that there's some obstruction behind it that makes it rebound right back at you, knocking much of your hot drink onto your shirt & sleeve? No. Of course not. Me neither. Especially not a few minutes ago.
  11. Wow, Paola. I'm a big fan of Robert Frost's poetry & have even purchased a book or two of his poetry in the past, but I had never seen this one. Very interesting.
  12. Alma1

    Have To Count!

    11484: Not fair, Cam! But I'm happy for you!
  13. you mean, comedian? No, I don't mean comedic. I know what you mean about comedic sketches though - we call those 'skits' (like what they do on Saturday Night Live). When I said a vignette or a sketch, I meant a small piece of writing that kind of 'sketches' an experience or scene - or part(s) of it. Vignettes ("vin YETTS") - that's what I think of it as. I like the concept / idea of doing that! (In a way, it's a bit of a mini-story, if you can even call it long enough to be a story. It's shorter than a short story.)
  14. It's more than ok to join in, tracmic. It's very welcome. I'm wondering if you wrote what you posted here? Also, I think some of your 2nd post would lend itself to being song lyrics. Yes Alma1 all the words are mine. Thank you for saying about the lyrics part. Sometimes I let the world creep in and just have to let words be words. I have a lot of little musings that I will add. Thank you for the kindness. "Yes Alma1 all the words are mine." Interesting words. "Thank you for saying about the lyrics part...Thank you for the kindness." No problema.
  15. When you say "get lost in" do you mean carried away / engrossed in / caught up in...or do you mean "lost" as in 'can't seem to find my way' / 'head down the wrong path' / 'can't seem to find my bearings?'
  16. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    When u say u keep them in a big plastic wallet, I hope you don't fold them. You might think this is the 1st "Good One" but maybe you should say "Really Good One" because I'd have to disagree if you think none of the others have been good. For ex, 'Two Poplars & An Oak' is not a fleshed out as this one, but it has it's own sparse beauty & makes its own statement. 'Two Poplars & An Oak' is good, too. This opinion is my 2 cents of input! : )
  17. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    I hope you're able to make your drawings on acid-free paper or whatever kind of paper will last through the years w/out turning yellow or getting discolored at the edges. Keep 'em protected. : )
  18. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    : ) I love them too, my friend. I love them, too! So here's a new possible title for a book or an exhibit/installation: 'The Tree Series: the Chris/Claudia Connection' or 'The Tree Series: the Claudia/Chris Connection.' : )
  19. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    Also, a tree is. Trees deserve a tribute. Your drawings give them that, Chris!
  20. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    !!!!! Why? Just why? Why would you draw something so lovely & so awesome? I can't speak for you, but I can say this: trees can be wonderful & can represent so much: life itself, perseverance, steadfastness, beauty, even shelter (for birds), etc. 100% true: if I were a person w/ money, I would either commission you to paint or draw me a tree - or I would buy one that you've already done! I'm already calling these works of yours (in my mind) 'The Tree Series.' Or 'Chris: The Tree Series.'
  21. "a telling , in an unknown place, not a prosperous environment, in that time, two friends, on holiday time: we sit on a bench and waiting for the train to come...And suddenly i have no past, instead a push inside that i have to tell and tell." Paola, when I read what you posted there, I thought "Ahhh - a vignette. " It's like a little sketch in writing.
  22. It's more than ok to join in, tracmic. It's very welcome. I'm wondering if you wrote what you posted here? Also, I think some of your 2nd post would lend itself to being song lyrics.
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