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  1. nono, it wasn't written! We all read everything very carefully! Yesterday, TM refunded us the 2 tickets they cancelled ... (but not the insurance... why?) yesterday afternoon I tried the presale for NYC with the innocence code I used for the 2 cancelled tickets and it didn't work.. I'll try on general sale but it will be very, very hard ... especially for GA tickets .. TM yesterday was working very bad and, by now, no tickets (resale tickets too) for any concerts in MSG are being sold .. I think they're trying to solve the problems with the site.. I thought this kind of things was tipically Italian, I was wrong.. Ticketmaster is not better, not at all, than "our" ticketone .. But.. what about my innocence code, paid but now unvalid?? what about the 50$ paid for it??? what should I do??? I'm really, really disappointed .. and very angry.
  2. I've just called TM, once again .. no way, I "exceeded their tickets limit with the same credit card/billing address", they apologize for the "inconvenient" but tickets won't be returned ... (( I also asked about the presale code, which SHOULD be valid for tomorrow innocent presale, but she didn't know about promotional codes ... I asked if I can use my credit card/my account for max 2 tickets per event on general sale next monday and, after checking TM rules because she wasn't sure what to answer, she told me that I could use it ... Hope she's right .. I'm very disappointed and sad .. people who bought tix using presale code 2, 3 or 4 times now are safe with their tix and we, who followed the rules, are without our tickets, unfairly cancelled. It's not right, not right. And what about my presale code??? If tomorrow it isn't valid anymore, and I fear so, it's burnt! And my brother paid 50$ for it!!! It's unfair, deeply unfair. I think u2.com should take some actions to protect their true fans, first of all double checking the codes used 2,3 or more times and then making TM return tix unfairly cancelled. (You mods, of course, are doing a great job and making great efforts to help us, and I - we - appreciate it very much. Thank you, once again.)
  3. in the evening I called again TM, via skype The girl who answered has been very kind this time and I was able to ask her about the next concerts and about money refunding: - she said that the limit is FOR 2 TICKETS FOR EACH EVENT FOR EACH CREDIT CARD/USER .. I replied her that this limit wasn't shown on the event page.. she kept me waiting several minutes than told me that it was the limit of u2.com presale. I replied again that I used 2 DIFFERENT PRE SALE CODES. She didn't know what to answer and asked me to wait again.. then the line's fallen , after 40' talking - she told me that the money should be refunded in 3/7 business days My idea, now, is that they confused the rule of max 2 tickets for each presale (u2com limit) with the limit of max 2 tickets for each event (TM limit BUT LIMIT NOT SHOWN AND NOT STATED!).. this is completely non sense. I asked her also about the next concerts and she told me I can buy 2 tickets for each evening with the same credit card already used, the most important thing is that tickets for the same concert and paid by the same c.c. must be MAX 2. I'm still waiting for any news about my presale code, used for the 2 tickets they deleted .. can i use this code the day after tomorrow for new concerts???? in case I can't use it anymore, I really HOPE that u2com will refund me the 50$!
  4. And now the best thing is that you CAN'T send any form to TM! It doesn't work!!! So, what should I do????? now I understand, from what happened to me and the other people i read in this topic, that the issue is we bought more than 2 ticket with the same credit card for the same concert!!! this is TOTALLY NON-SENSE!! this max ticket limit WASN'T SHOWN!! So, what should I do?? May i have 2 houses and 2 different credit cards in order to have 2 different billing address??? This is MADNESS.
  5. update: they've just cancelled the 3rd GA for NY 22nd!!! without any email!!! I noticed it 'cos I log in to my account in tickemaster!!!! What should I do?????
  6. Hi mods! I just have the same issue: friday afternoon I purchased 3 tickets (seats) for NY 23rd with 2 DIFFERENT INNOCENCE CODES but with the same credit card (of a friend of mine) and last night I received ticletmaster's mail alerting me that the third tkt has been cancelled because "I exceed my number of tickets"!!! Can't believe it!!! The second problem is that, friday afternoon, i purchased 3 GA for NY 22nd, with 2 different presale codes, using the same credit card (the same credit card for all the GA but NOT THE SAME for the seats of the 23rd), but I haven't received any mail, yet. What can I do?? I'm really speechless.. 6 tickets for 3 different presale codes, so.. what's the matter? Can't believe it .. I'm furious
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