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  1. Philly Night #1 Wells Fargo Center

    Great show, well worth the flight up from Tampa. New Songs sounded great... Entire performance was Ace. Wanted to thank the wonderful couple from Scranton who held my spot so I could get Pizza and a T-Shirt and for their wonderful company (if you read this... Thanks a Million) and thanks to the lady who let me use her chair in the GA line. Great people, Great night. Here is some pix I took ❤ Love Is All we Have left








    1. dmway


      That was a great show (I was in the same area as you were - we must not have been very far apart)! I'm glad you got such good treatment here from fellow U2 fans and that the band were so good that night (and always). ?

    2. LoraU21984


      Were you the very tall guy standing next to me? haha!! It was a blast. BTW Thanks! 

    3. dmway


      I’m not all that tall, but I would have stood out in a different way: I dressed as The Fly, complete with Fly sunglasses. ? If you saw someone of that description, you saw me.

      I’m glad you had a great time; it was a great show. (Someone did capture me accidentally in one of their group selfies - if you look on the Philadelphia live thread, the picture is now there.) Philly loves U2. 

  2. The Facebook group has a guy on there who does not want to talk about GA... And won't let anyone else ask questions either. My advice 6:00ish am the day of for GA is usually safe... Even if they do check ins the night before.
  3. Thanks!!! It was worth all the hours of standing in heat and rain ☔?
  4. Thank you very much Karen
  5. LoraU21984

    Lora Glazer

    Tampa Florida 6/14/17 Rainbow Music Bliss
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