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  1. Do you know for a fact that Ticketmaster held back tickets to sell on their sister site?
  2. I think the amount of people allegedly using their code for a second time is being slightly exaggerated here. Demand was always going to be high, and with a small arena not everyone was going to be happy. Especially since a large amount of people foresaw these shows and kept their code I kept my code specifically for these irish dates and was in the first day of presale. Even on that day I couldn't get tickets for the fri/sat and had to settle for the Mon show. I think people need to remember that the presale code does not guarantee you a ticket. This was even witnessed on here for t
  3. That's the beauty of TM..I rang them too and they said that pre-sale tickets don't count as part of the 2 tickets per household thing ..i'm even more confused now In a way I can understand the limit, in giving as many people as possible the chance to see the band. But on the other hand for genuine fans that want to see the band for more then one show, it's forcing us to go to scalpers. In fear that this lack of uncertainty will result in losing our tickets purchased in the pre sale.
  4. Unfortunately I don't think so. I don't think bono has it in him to do three nights in a row. So any chance of extra gigs I think would need to be after the 28th, but the 3arena is pretty much booked out with other acts after this date.
  5. Any idea when we will receive any update here?
  6. 1) Agnieszka Cichocka 2) Waterford Order #6727993 SOLVED
  7. Once again pre-sales turns into a farce. What's the point in subscribing if the main benefit doesn't work!!!!!
  8. I'd be surprised if the tickets were that cheap. I'd be surprised if the ticket prices are different to what's been already sold. Hardly going to rip off their home town. £165 or just shy of $300 dollars, isn't exactly close to €170. But it's good to see that prices aren't to extravagant.
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